Want to build a Slave PC for VEpro 5 and C Pro 8...

it’s great stuff.
have fun !

I’m in the Middle of writing a String Section for a Pop Record at the minute so the only thing I have quickly messed around with was the included VSL Bundle - Epic Orchestra. I have to say, I’m loving the Vienna Instruments player. And the although the Epic Orchestra is limited and just for a “taste”, it sounds great and can see myself going down the VSL road eventually.

Yes, I have VEPro 5 Installed and just need some spare time to figure out how to use it now!

I bought the strings vol I and the plus package and the bosendorfer for the same reason, i.e. the need of quality strings. They go way beyond the normal libraries as f.e. kontakt/east west sample libraries in terms of realism and in terms of variations. But working with it requiers a certain amount of patience to get results that are in line with the quality it can offer. :slight_smile:

The instruments pro was thrown away money because this needs the ownership of a vast amount of full libraries to have any use for it.
The standard Bosendorfer package is overkill imho, since this a 50 gig piano and with the normal player you do not have the cabinet wich is very important for the overall sound. With the standard library and the normal player you lack quite a lot of depth in the lower regiment.

It’s very expensive stuff that is a bit of a mixed bag if you do not go all the way imho.
I have not won the lottery and i’m not that type of a pro musician that wants to spent 10.000 euro’s on a vsti, so i guess it’s good for someone like me, but…

VEP 5 is fantastic though and a very good longterm investment.

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This… and other comments… make me think we’re not talking about the same thing. I don’t really care about the samples. VEP is most often used to create a split system that hosts samples and VSTi on a second machine, reducing load on the primary sequencer. Right?

That was what my question related to. If you’ve moved from a single computer setup to a split system using VEP, the old single system projects wouldn’t open any longer… unless you kept duplicates of all your samples on that machine too.

Asked the question on another forum and had a solid reply… print audio stems of projects before “Good-nighting” the single computer setup.

So… Now I’m wondering… Are you guys NOT using split systems with VEP? That’s sort of the whole purpose of that software’s design…

The whole purpose of VEPro is absolutely NOT just for split systems (more than one computer). Using Vepro 5 with a single computer (I say computer because this qualifies both PC and Mac) is incredibly beneficial. I’ve only just bought it, so I can’t advise on anything other than what it does (at this moment in time). For example, on a single system (and DAW’s with multiple Computers - obviously), I can use 32bit and 64bit Plugs and Instruments at the same time without using any Bridging (I have been using JBridge for this purpose) and in my experience, Bridging adds instability. I can also create a template of all my VIs, Plugs and FX and load it once and then be able to switch between Cubase Projects without having to have everything load every time I switch between Projects - a massive time saver - the last thing I worked on took about 8 minutes to load). Also, saving a Project is nearly instant. 3 of many examples of how VEPro is a game changer.

I started this Thread because I was (and still incredibly so) interested in using Slave Computers with a Master Machine and using VEPro 5 to make everything communicate/work. Currently, I am in the process of upgrading my set up to have multiple computers (I need more RAM, CPU and Sample Storage) but have been spending hard earned Money on upgrading what I already have and once I have, then I will build another Computer. And then another (when I need it). For example, I now own VEPro 5. If I built a New Computer, I wouldn’t be able to afford VEPro so I would just have 2 computers sitting there, that I couldn’t connect, till I have more Money (I’m not rich). I can’t wait till I can build a 2nd Computer.

Sorry, you’ve lost me. What question? This post, is the first post, you have made in this thread. I apologise if I am too drunk and missed it.

Again, I’m not entirely sure what your question is, but the solid Reply you have from another forum is indeed Solid. It is essential to Back Up everything. Which, in my opinion, isn’t just printing Audio Stems, but also saving all Midi Data/Channels/Instruments Used etc. I always create stems of all Midi “stuff”. I never used to and through many mistakes, I always do now.

Well, now is true! Haha! Being the OP, I think it’s a fair one. Especially to slightly digress. However, all of this relates to VEPro 5 and using it for one’s “ultimate” set-up.

If you get VEPro 5, your mindset will most likely change. For example, I know a few people that “hate” sample libraries but use Omnisphere 2. They didn’t realise most of Omnisphere is a library of samples. They just thought it was a “Synth”.

Hope some of this helps, if not, pretend it’s not here.


@jono: agree with your reply and tx for it. But on the other hand Joe has got a point too. VEP is made for heavy duty works, and we who are not in need of it (for the moment) benefit from it due to the reasonable price and its high quality. It is a very good add-on even for guys who do not want to go all the way. The servers do give us a benefit on a single system. But it is a different workflow too.

@Joe: the vienna forum is the way to go for vienna questions. Very fast respons times and monitoring by the devs. It is pro for pro there and for free.

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This is true. I have only got VEPro because I now need it.

funny I used to use split systems many years ago with FX teleport. When Vienna pro came out a bought a copy…I’ve never used it. My last 2 machines have been hex core i7’s with 24-32 gigs of ram. I’ve yet to max them out ram wise even with fairly big productions, I use EW play libs a lot and various steinberg Halion and Kontak libs and I’m yet to reach my ram limit.

may I ask what libs you’re using and are you running 200-300 midi track templates like some film composers I’ve seen?

junkie Xl for example with the mad max sound track.


Spitfire Albion I, II, III, IV
Spitfire Percussion
Spitfire Labs (all of them)
Cinewinds, Cinebrass, Cineperc, Piano in Blue, Hollywoodwinds
LASS and LASS Sordino
Symphobia 1, Animator, Orchestrator
NI Komplete
EWQL Symphony, Ra, Goliath, Choirs, Storm Drum 2
8dio 1928 Grand

Plus… lots of other little libraries and synths. The list above would be something I would use in a standard full template, and what I’d like to off-load onto the second machine. My reasoning is to create a playable template with no load time and less load on my primary computer. Having to dig through instruments and load samples is a drain on my speed and the creative flow. To load all of those articulations and have them ready to play would definitely be hundreds of tracks.

The Society of Composers recently had a seminar on split-system designs and benefits. It’s something I’ve considered but seeing it in action and hearing from the perspective of others has pushed me over the edge. The new machines will probably duplicate my primary machine… i7, 32GB RAM, SSD for system and sample drives.

That’s what i tried to build on a small scale a few years ago. It is indeed possible, but the entire flower needs to be aligned, so it is a bad idea to bring an old system as the master, for the reasons you have posted. Alle referencing should be made again, all the libraries should be spreaded correctly to avoid overflowing a single element in the rig, and you will need a very good network for doing this.

Looking at the way you go, it looks like you might succeed. I went back to the single system approach, combined with the new abilities to switch things on/off and a decent processor. Enough for me.

It’s like a dream once you have established this, and after booting (and having drunk a cop of coffee) it’s just amazing, if everything is setup (hardware) it can work with everything you dream of active at all times.

It’s an investment too, so be sure once there, to get a return.
It is a possibility, like with any huge template, to get lost in the number of channels spreaded everywhere. You really need to remeer things,unless you have access to some premade templates being done by guys doing it for a long time.
Don’t forget to give a description in the comment fields! :slight_smile:

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btw i still use it on a single system, since the live setup has been made before.

I realize that I have not go to 64, and now, if I need more power, just add an XP machine. :bulb:
Samsung Galaxy S6 cover
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That’s quite a library collection you have there and I own quite a few of them. How are you currently using all these sample libraries in a template then without using Multiple Computers? That’s surely alot of RAM needed?


I’m not… that’s why I’ve been considering VEP and a second machine. I do have a template with all the tracks using the new disable track feature… which is nice. Using a secondary computer would be ideal though.

Regarding RAM… On larger scale projects I might use as many as 100-200 tracks. A single 32GB system can playback with buffer setting adjustments… but once you add the video playback too…

I’d rather have two systems manage a project with ease, than one system chugging along hoping it keeps up.

OK, sorry I missed that you only use 1 Computer. Similar to me at the minute. I just did Music for a short Film and my Instrument track count was 353. My computer was stuttering and Sample Playback ended up being a bit of a Pain and Save times were horrendous (especially with Auto Save on and it suddenly saving whilst in the middle of writing etc).

Obviously I had to make use of Disable Tracks and RIP Features extensively. I think the only way to go is Multiple Computers and I completely agree with rather having two computers managing a project with Ease. So if VEPro is the tool for the job then I think it’s a no brainer (regardless on having to learn a different workflow).


That’s a pretty large track count for a short! Did you have the entire score in one project?
If so… you might want to try separate project files for each cue next time. If that’s just one cue… maybe go for keyswitching your articulations or expression maps?

I did most of it in one Project but had to do the End Credits Music in a separate Project (about 40 Tracks) and then export Audio Stems into the Main Project. I had to, because at this point I had already got heavily into the Mixing side of it (writing the End Credits Music was a last minute Change) and had so many plugins running that my CPU was too high to use anymore Instrument Tracks

I do use Keyswitches but not always!

I have a Celeron G540 2.5 ghz with 16 gig ram for my VEP machine. It cost under $200 for the motherboard, processor and ram and it works fine. I run VEP in “decouple” mode for all my Pianos and orchestral stuff (I only use about 50 tracks) that don’t need to be edited. I also use this computer as a media computer, it’s in a different room in my house and connects to my Cubase DAW via ethernet. Works great!

33KW’s of power! A fully configured IBM mainframe uses half that much juice despite having around 20 more physical cpus! :laughing:

FUnny reading this thread after all this time. I’m now up to 96gb of Ram. I’ll check in next year! :wink:

Yeah, sorry about resurrecting an old thread - I was considering building a slave PC and stumbled across it! :smiley: