Want to buy Wavelab

I need another copy of wavelab immediately in Montreal or Toronto. Does anyone have a copy for sale?

Don’t know if this will help, but really all you need is a Steinberg Key, because the latest update is fully self-contained and freely downloadable. If you have a Steinberg Key, you can buy the activation code online.

If you don’t have an available Steinberg Key, I think (but am not certain) it’s possible to buy WaveLab Elements 8 online and install and activate it via a “Soft eLicenser” – that’s if WLE8 will suffice.

Either way, the best option is to contact Steinberg sales for information, if you can wait until office hours start.

I previously bought elements 8 but then found out it only supports 2 physical outs and I need 4.

So the only question then is whether you already have a USB eLicenser (which apparently is what the Steinberg Key is now called)? If you do, then you should be able to just buy the WLE8 -> WL8 upgrade online.