Want to create a sheet for singers: how to input notes?


want to create a sheet for the singers: 1. Verse with notes, following Verses in Textboxes.

But how to input notes for singers?

…in Setup I choose “Singers, Lead” and always tacet is shown.


To show the Tacet as individual bars of rest, go to Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests > Consolidate: set it to None and click Apply.

:dizzy_face: OMG, that’s it!


Hi, again: now I can’t write after adding new player: for example “Gesang” in not shown in “Partitur” and there’s no rest consolidation…

See attached file…

NoPartIsWritable.dorico (3.6 MB)

Your Gesang Player is not assigned to the Flow.
Select the Gesang Player in the Left-Hand Column, then tick the Flow Box in the Lower Panel.

Tthanks! … :smiley:

Now I can write the part, but in “Partitur” the part “Gesang” isn’ t shown’n in “Page View”,…but in “Galley View”

…the player is assigned to “Partitur”:

…found it: “Page View” shows only Players with notes. …gave in some notes, now is shown.


You should read the First Steps manual to learn more about Dorico. It will make your progress much faster.

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