Want to import block of notes (as midi) from my DAW into Dorico - how?

What I would like to do is simply copy midi (note information only) from my DAW, Digital Performer, and paste it into Dorico in an exact spot. I recently had a large orchestral project in which I wanted to copy parts of it over to Dorico (I didn’t want to simply import the whole thing as a single file into Dorico, for many reasons, which will take too long to explain here.). I had done all of the composing in DP and needed to produce a written score. I did try importing midi files into the Play window, but that wreaked some havoc on my score which had many tempo and time signature changes. I ended up having to play in all the notes in Dorico.

I really wish there were a way to just copy notes from a part in my DAW and just drop them in Dorico - preferably in the Write window – but I haven’t found a good way to do this.

I’m on Dorico 4 but most likely will update to 5.

I use Cubase. There I can drag a midi part from Cubase into Dorico and it creates a new flow and imports the midi. It’s very helpful, and it does a better job than importing files too.

Thanks. I’m not looking to create a new flow – just copy notes into an existing one.

Me too - but that seems to be the way Dorico does it! I copy the notes from the new flow to the right place.

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It’s a two (3) step process, but it works reliably. 1) get the notes into Dorico. 2) Copy from one flow to another. (3) Delete the now-redundant flow.

The reason it works this way is that the MIDI import need not match the instrument setup in the rest of the Dorico score.

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