Want to import settings from cubasee 9.5 to 10. How?

I have just upgraded CB 9.5 to 10 and want to import settings from 9.5. I use to save routings in and out to a file so i can recall it when my children also used cubase and my settings is gone. Where to find it? I guess its a file somewhere in some cubase directory and i would like to copy it to CB 10…and also i have saved tracksettings wich i can recall when a new project is started. For eample i can load up a kicktrack setting in a new song very fast from mediabay in 9.5. I want to import that tracksettings when using CB 10 too. I guess there is people here who knows how to do it and i would apreciate all help you ppl can share. :slight_smile:


As far as I understand, you would need to save a Template project.

Template projects should be copied over from an older Cubase to the new Cubase during the very 1st (new) Cubase start.