Want to MUTE ALL LANES of an EVENT, makes me mute one-by-one

Let’s say I want to mute a part of a vocal melody, a particular Event, to see if we can change it a little bit. Well, it so happens that the Event has about 25+ takes (or Lanes) behind it.

When I go to just mute the event, it pulls up the 2nd most recently recorded lane, then the next, then the next, then the next…on and on and on. Its a pretty annoying process which I’m hoping there’s a solution for. Also, when I decide to unmute the event, the wrong Lane will be first up. I’d have to memorize or jot down which Lane was my favorite, before it got lost!

Is there a way to select an Event, and maybe “Mute All Lanes” or something? Unmuting it would bring up the lane that was last on top/selected.


Just thinking out loud here, but wouldn’t it work by muting the event while the lanes aren’t in view?

NOPE :frowning:

Next lane jumps to the front >:(

The best solution I’ve come up with so far is to move the events a whole other track, and just mute it. Not that my project isn’t clunky enuff, right??

Any other ideas?

I do it by rt click/hold, select the “X” mute tool, then lasso the parts I want to mute. Following to see if a better way surfaces!