Want to Purchase Dorico Pro, Crossgrade from Finale Edu


I’m a student at UCLA and am going to purchase Finale for a class. I’m trying to go into film scoring (currently interning with John Swihart, who scored the “How I Met Your Mother” TV series as well as many other wonderful projects!), so naturally Dorico is irresistible and I’m planning on buying Dorico Pro in addition to Finale, BUT I have a couple questions about the educational versus full pricing for Dorico and the crossgrade from Finale.

  1. I recently bought Cubase Pro 9.5 and opted to get the full instead of educational priced Cubase Pro, because the full allows simultaneous installation on 5 different computers (as I recall) and the educational only allows installation on one. (Obviously I can only physically use Cubase on one computer at a time because of the whole USB e-licenser setup, but I currently have it installed on two simultaneously because I work between two different computers.) Similarly for Dorico, if I buy Dorico Pro at the educational price does that only allow me to install it on one computer at a time? How many computers can I install Dorico Pro on at once if I buy Dorico Pro at the full price? (Install, not use - again, I’m assuming with the USB e-licenser it’s one-at-a-time use.)

  2. If I buy Finale at the educational price (for $99), can I still get the crossgrade discount if I crossgrade to Dorico Pro full (so $279.99 per this)? Or do I have to buy Finale at the full price to get the crossgrade discount for the full price version of Dorico Pro? Here and here Steinberg/the Steinberg representative seem to unequivocally state that you can indeed buy Finale at the educational price and still buy the full price version of Dorico Pro at the crossgrade discounted price of $279.99 - so crossgrade from Finale educational price to Dorico full price - but I thought I should double check just in case.

  3. Just checking for thoroughness - if I already have a USB e-licenser from Steinberg (bought with Cubase Pro), I shouldn’t need to buy a second separate USB e-licenser for Dorico Pro, right? As I understand it, one USB e-licenser will work for all Steinberg software? (Correct me if I’ve misread the documentation.)

Thank you so much for putting up with all of this! Really really looking forward to buying Dorico Pro - just downloaded the 30-day trial and already in love!

  1. The Dorico license agreement allows installation on up to THREE computers. As with Cubase, it’s only one computer at a time, using the USB e-licenser. I believe the three computers thing is the same regardless of whether you take up the academic discount or not.

  2. Yes, you can still get the crossgrade discount.

  3. If you already have a USB e-licenser from Steinberg then you don’t need another.

Do you know any way to confirm if the academic discount still allows 3 computers? (It’s really important for my specific situation that I can install on at least two computers simultaneously.)

Thank you so much for your help!!!

You can have Dorico INSTALLED on two computers, but you can only use the one that has a USB-eLicenser in it, and you cannot remove the USB from the computer while you use Dorico.

@Derrel right but is that true whether I get the education or full price? Or does the education price only allow me one installation per purchase?

The license agreement is the same, regardless of whether you buy the edu or retail product. The only restriction on the edu product is that you not use it for commercial work (though in practice this is not, to my knowledge, policed).

@Daniel thank you so much!!!