Want to save multiple arrangements or "cutdowns" in the same project. Is this possible?

Can we create multiple “mini-projects” or arrangements of the same audio/midi tracks, but each with their own unique data (tempo, automation, etc.)?

For more context, this previous thread hits the nail on the head: Multiple arrangements in single project as Tabs

It seems like there are several other DAWs that have this must-have feature—especially for cutdowns (30 Sec., 60 Sec. Short, etc.) of custom cues and library work. Is this possible? And if not, is this Steinberg is willing to implement in the near future?

EDIT: Also, fyi, I’m also aware of the “Save New Version” command. For the sake of tidiness, and streamline, wouldn’t this be more efficient in keeping this potential feature in the same project?

Track Versions can do this.

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Thanks Steve!
Any particular tutorial? Haven’t able to find one via YouTube on Steinberg’s channel yet. Thanks again

Did you click on the link I gave you?

Hey Steve,
Yes—I saw the Google results. Going to check out Chris Selim’s channel if there isn’t any on Steinberg’s.

Thank you so much!

Sure! Chris Selim’s videos are good.

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Hello @YungstarProd , the first result is a good old video from Chris. I recommend it to you and can recommend his whole channel, too, mainly for Cubase related things and for mixing.

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