Want to setup multiple outs, any help?

I apologize, I’m really new to Cubase. I’ve been trying to get Groove Agent SE set up the way I think would work best for me, but I can’t seem to get it just right. Here’s what I want to do…

I want to have each pad (not all 100+ or whatever, maybe 16) go to their own outs, so that I can add what ever effects I want, and lower and raise the volume to taste. But I also want to be able to turn down the drums entirely with one fader.

What I’m doing now is activating all the outputs for Groove Agent, and setting each pad I need to one of the other outputs, but that doesn’t let me turn down everything at once. Maybe I’m missing something?

Thanks for the help!


When you make use of the direct outs, one way would be to select all pads in Groove Agent and then changing the volume on the edit/main page will affect all pads selected. You can choose to change the volume relatively or absolutely (p. 21 in the manual) if you have different volume levels on different pads.

Another way would be to just link the Groove Agent channels in the Cubase Mixer.

Let me know if this helps.