Want to show only audio tracks in MixConsole

Hi, just upgraded from Cubase 5 to 9Pro.

In Cubase 5 I was able to show only Audio channels in the Mix Console by hiding the MIDI tracks with one mouse click, and I would still have all MIDI tracks visible and available in the main window (zone).

How do I replicate that in 9Pro? whenever i hide a MIDI track in the MixConsole, it disappears from the Main working window.

Thank you in advance, b

Not sure if this is the same but… there is a “Filter Track Types” button at the top of the track list. Maybe that will help.

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Sound like you have “synchronise track visibility” on. (it’s in the Visibility tab of the channel selector)

This sounds like the correct answer.

I misread read the OPs question. :blush:

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  1. click “channel visibility configuration” button on menubar on MixConsole window
  2. find “filter channel type”
  3. select hide channels
  4. enjoy :smiley:

Thank you, I had the same question :slight_smile: