Want to upgrade from 11 to 12

Hello Forum,
I want to upgrade my Cubase 11 license to Cubase 12. The question is; I formated all my HD drives, so at the moment there is no Cubase or anything else installed. If I purchase the upgrade now, how does Steinberg detect that I am already a 11 User? I mean the dongle is gone and I am getting only an upgrade. How to install this proberly on an empty HD?
Thank you in advance.


If you are talking about Cubase Pro out Artist (so the license sits at the USB-eLicenser) Steinberg Activation Manager will find the Lucerne there. If you have lower Cubase edition, reactivate your license to the new system first.

You don’t have to install Cubase 11 in any case.

…yes, thank you. I am talking about Cubase Pro. Ok, will try to purchase the license and install it on my blank system. Thanks again.