Wanted: a mac user willing to test some Lua scripts that I want to provide on the scorico site

I am about to add some Lua scripts to Dan Kreider’s scorico site in the near future. While in theory there should be no difference in running a script on a Windows or Apple system, I would like to have done some minimal testing before uploading.

Would somebody be willing to occasionally check that such scripts will run on a mac? (It just occured to me: does Dorico for iPad have a way to run scripts?)

I am basically just interested in knowing whether a script will run without errors for the narrow intended use case; it is not so much about “beta” testing (i.e. trying things out in practice or for edge cases).

Feel free to message me directly about this.

Dorico for iPad does not provide any way to run Lua scripts.

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I would love to test your scripts :slight_smile:

I’d be interested too. What kinds of things these scripts do?

I have an 2019 intel macbook pro with the latest operating system