WANTED!!! Grampian 636 spring reverb VST FX

Posted in the “VST instruments general” section but after a few days only 22 views or so, that’s the reason I’m asking over here.

Does anybody know of such plugins that can emulate the sixties and seventies Echo and spring reverbs used buy great dubmasters of that time? Note that there where extreme EQ’s possible to achieve such an effect.

I have one and it’s included in the Drumdrops Rogier big DUB kit, not usable for vocals, guitars or keys. I in search of an alternative.

PSP Springbox - it’s great. http://www.pspaudioware.com/plugins/reverbs/psp_springbox1

If you already have GuitarRig there’s a spring reverb in there but I think it’s pretty average.

PSP also do a free spring reverb called PianoVerb - which work well on some material, it has a bigger paid cousin called PianoVerb2. But SpringBox is the daddy (IMHO!)

OK,I knew there are a lot off spring verbs available, will try if they can sound the same as the Grampian’s.