Wanting to purchase Nuendo 12 with Ableton Live 10 Crossgrade but it isn't showing in options list

Hi there,

For a little while now I’ve wanted to switch from Ableton Live 10 to Nuendo 12 for most of my work as it will be much better suited for what I’m doing nowadays.

It’s my understanding that because I own Live 10 Standard that I’m eligible for a crossgrade discount however when I get to the part of the purchasing process where I’m asked to select which product I own that entitles me to crossgrade and then upload proof of it, I don’t see Live 10 listed as an option at all.

I’ve tried messaging the staff through the chat service but they are currently closed and it looks like there isn’t much technical support available for my country anyway. Is there anyone here that can help?


I think they are asking for the name of the Steinberg crossgrade product, not the product from which you are crossgrading.


Wow I’m an idiot hahaha, thanks!