Wanting to upgrade but feature loss a factor in holding off


I am currently using Nuendo 12, on a HP470G4 laptop (SSHD/16GB) with Windows 10 however there are some performance issues that have always been present, namely, when pressing stop, the mouse pointer will spin for some time until I can save a project.

This to me, says there is buffering going on in the background that wasn’t resolved in real time, this is not how I have known SB DAW software to have worked in the past, since I could always save a project whilst it is playing, without any interruption to audio playback.

I would like to know if there are any compatibility improvements in N13, compared to N12 on Windows 10, or would Windows 11 also be a factor.

I know I have a trial that I could undertake but my hardware is old and VST’s are getting hungrier and hungrier post VST2. Also, I am aware it could be an instruction set issue, in relation to older multimedia extensions in the CPU.

I am not asking for an in-depth response from a developer, but I would like to know if I am going to be able to experience, at least similar levels of performance or will I be wanting to uninstall, rather than purchase a product.

All the best with N13.

I will bump this topic to add, by hardware I mean computer hardware, not audio hardware.

I am using a MOTU 8A via USB3, with an Anker USB hub (recommended by UAudio) which has Windows 11 compatible drivers, so I can’t see why it would be an issue in relation to driver compatibility with the audio subsystem of Windows since N12 was made before Windows 11 was released and my understanding is features, in particular core features such as audio, are not changed during a version update.

I can try N13, to see if there is an improvement in relation to audio but as SB do not reset trials, I will indeed wait but to add, specifically, I have to basically re-install ASIO and device drivers before each daylong session, as well as the application itself, and renew preferences to be assured of stability of operation throughout the day.

I am sure SB have their work cut out, with Windows constant changes to the underlying software architecture but doing “whatever works” is going to get old before too long, when one way or another I will have to fork out money for either new hardware, and/or software notwithstanding a new device (the device is made for ThunderBolt, so that factor cannot be discounted).

HP470G4 may not be compatible with win 11., you should run a compatibility check. The notebooks north bridge and south bridge chipset appears weak. which explain constant buffering. Also it appears that N13 is slightly more power hungry but has some optimisations too.
Is there a specific reason as to why you don’t want to run N13 trail. I think you have 2 full months to fully test it out.

Hi Rajiv,

I believe you would be correct in regard to the hardware, it is the chipsets that are likely, the reason(s) for the performance issues I am experiencing. Also, Windows 11 is not officially compatible with my machine.

Regarding the trial, I only really do that when I am sure I want to purchase, relative to a feature that is unavailable in a previous version but in my case, the Project Browser being dropped without any similar alternative being proposed is the reason for my delay and the fact that while my system is old, Windows 10 has some life left in it yet.