Wanting your cake and eating it too.

A constant moan I have seen for quite a while is for Cubase to be more stable. Now I believe that Steinberg have addressed this with two things in the 9 update.

First, 32bit plug-ins are very old technology that really have no place in your modern DAW of today. Yes they will work with a bridge but this is a compromise and for a few years now has been a major cause of crashing. So much more stable just to get rid of this old stuff out of your system.

At last Steinberg have made this decision for you. I for one am very pleased that they not wasting more time and man-power on the use of out of date tech.

Second, Plug-in sentinel. If a plug-in is blacklisted it is because it is compromising the stability of your system. You can still use the plug-in but at your own risk. For info the blacklisted plug-in would have been a problem in your pre upgraded Cubase, the difference is now you know.

I´m not surprised that the people that were moaning about Cubase bugs and crashes are now the same people complaining that Steinberg have taken away their 32bit plug-ins and a lot of their plug-ins have been Blacklisted by sentinel.

Just my opinion of course.

Can’t really argue with that. I got rid of all 32 Bit plugins from my setup quite a long time ago and I have to agree with your above statement.

Got rid of all 32 plugs 2 years ago when I finally went 64 bit with my production PC. I Kept it all 32 for longer than most to avoid problems. I was still using Cubase 5 and many free plugins, kjaerhus etc, really good maximiser. Never liked the idea of Jbridge or anything similar.

Sentinal is a much welcomed feature to my set up. Thank you Steinberg.

I gave up all my 32-bit plugs several years ago. Or so I thought until Sentinel found 2 hiding in a sub-folder. They’re history now. Glad it found them.

I started a topic in 2015 about 32 bit plug-ins that you wish were now 64 bit.

Some now have actually gone 64 bit. Most I suppose will die at 32 bit, but at least some users and developers will realize the demand.

I hope perhaps some developers have taken a look at the continuing interest.

It really appears to be in the hands of the developers and whether or not they wish to see their tools used. Obviously, for some unknown reason, KJAERHUS did not.

SHEPPi is really the only reason I keep Jbridge around. It’s still free, and IMO better than many paid imaging plugs.

Bottom line IMO is that if resources and headaches were saved by going 64 bit, now those resources can be used…hopefully for bugs and workflow improvements.

I think the Ultimate Plug-in Tool would have prevented that. I’m not sure if it’s any real help to you, but it certainly has allowed me to have more clean and non-duplicate .dll’s.


I have to agree these measures improve stability …and it’s time to do so…my observation is although this isn’t a groundbreaking release I am pleased at what steinberg did not do, they did not give us more VST instruments, they didn’t cram too many new features into this. I would have liked to see track visibilty fixed but at this point I don’t think it’s going to happen. Video export should be coming. I will update when I compete my current film project.

Just to be clear…It is perfectly possible to both want your cake and eat it…even after eating it you could still want it…you just can’t have it (again)

I have tested and confirmed this a few minutes ago.

Haha, Thanks for clarifying Grim. I think what happened is that I ate my cake but still wanted it. I then got a little confused.

Agreed! Time marches on, and one can either resist changes like this that are for the better overall and suffer, or be more fluid and roll with it.

Yeah, there was that huge thread last year “pleading” for Steinberg to step back from new features & VSTi’s and focus on stability & workflow. So they apparently took that to heart in this release. And now folks are saying there isn’t enough new stuff to justify the upgrade cost. Dammed if you do, damned if you don’t. There shouldn’t be any overlap between the two camps of complainers (I was in the stability/workflow), but you know there must be.