War Of The Worms

Hello there here`s one i wrote a bit back ,when we first evolved we were just worms and a body formed around that worm that worm is the large intestine ,well it sounds about right to me.lol war of the large intestines.

what a surprise…well mixed and I enjoyed it.

Aha! This is from your Jeff Beck period! Love it! You even got Jan Hammer to play on it! But something about the sound… it sounds a little bit like it’s inside of a box. The bass and kick sound a little like the bottom was cut out. The overall sound is distant to me. I want some parts to be more up front and the overall mix to be punchier and more spread out.

thank you Ferencz but what do you mean “what a suprise”

and thanks Leon ,its funny that you say it sounds like it was in a box because the place where i mixed this tune was in my little studio which i called "my box" ,i think i last mixed this tune at least 5 years ago, well thats how long it has been up on soundcloud but i would love to remix this one even though there is tons of stuff going off in it, but im gonna wait till i get a studio up and running in our new house ,thanks for the listen and your positive remarks i always take on board what you say ,i just wanted to put something up regarding the bad situation we are in with the 1%. :smiling_imp:

Yeah, understand, I think I am getting ready to put up something myself! Love your stuff.