War Of The Worms

heres one i wrote about a year ago and dusted it off just recently, i was inspired to re work it after a couple of guys had posted some ambient type film soundtrack music on the forum , there`s quite a mish mash of styles but anyway ,hope you enjoy it.

Excellent. A great piece of music. Beck meets Fripp and more.
Great sounds and arrangement.

Two thumbs up from me. :smiley:


Good stuff Dedge. Really enjoyable :sunglasses:

sure did enjoy it, its right in my zone. you’ve got great style on guitar. downloaded…this is coming to the cottage with me. thanks much for the track, dig it big time.

jet and phil ,cheers for the kind words fellas.

thanks bob have a good one.

Enjoyed that one a lot. Good sounds, good guitar work all around.


This is beautiful!



I once met Adrian Belew coming out of a package store in Nashville, a city where we both lived. I told him how a friend turned me on to Crimson and his other group the Bears. I explained how much of an influence on my playing he was. He was a very cool guy, we had a few good words and he got into his limo and left. True Story, Any ways, your music reminds me of that sound, albeit you. I also hear Gilmour, but that’s just me. I would like to hear more. I see someone said Fripp, he was a master. Point is you have great influences, keep up composing. Scott. and thanks for the ear. beautiful.

thanks alot for your nice comment :smiley:

thanks very much ,wow that is a nice comment.

i was once down in london at some rehearsal studios in hammersmith with a band around the mid 80s and to our suprise in the next room to us was jimmy page and andy fairweather low ,anyway we had a break from reheasing and went into a cafe inside the studios , mid way through our coffee who should walk in.. yeh jimmy page, my heart fell through my arse, every question concerning anything and everything i wanted to ask him popped into my head all at once, so i thought it was wise just to nod at him and smile instead of trying to talk to him ,i would have been a bumbling idiot anyway. its funny you should mention gilmour he was one of my early influences . thanks for your nice comment.

yeah… what they said! :smiley: There’s bits of lots of influences in there…


…and what he said about what they said! :smiley:

Great song! Really like the bit after 1.21 (which also comes in again later on) … :sunglasses: !


yeh! thats what i`ve heard on the grapevine aswell :laughing:

thanks sav ,im beggining to think that bit sounds a little like "eastenders" if you know it ,its a british soap opera realy dull and depressing ,it starts of with a tom fill then the tune kicks in.

I started watching it from the very 1st episode, not seen it for about 12 years now…and I don’t feel bad for not seeing it anymore either!! :laughing:

To be honest, I didnt hear any connection to your song and Eastenders, but, if I go back now and have another listen and start to hear Eastenders in your song, I will remove my previous post and replace it with…

D, D, D, D D D D (well, you know what I mean! :laughing: )

Ok, had another listen, nah mate…sounds NOTHING like Eastenders! :wink:

…Corrie, maybe? :laughing: (just kidding) I think it sounds :sunglasses:

ok thats good i`ll settle for that.

thats more my neck of the woods.


Not much to say about this except it is very good indeed. :sunglasses:


That is some wonderful, interesting songwriting arranging there! I truly dug it. One of the best effin’ Cubase tunes I’ve heard here in awhile.

I was hearing some distortion in the file, however, so I downloaded the ACC version… and still hear it. It’s not the guitars’ distortions, it sounds like something in the file itself. Not sure what to suggest.

My newly-formed “Epic-Melodic-Prog-Metal” band may want to cover this, and of course we’ll pay the performance royalty (although that typically goes to the venue and then to BMI or ASCAP)

That file would be encoded by Bandcamp just as the mp3 is. :wink: Unfortunately there isn’t an original wav file download option.

thanks alot Dave thats brilliant cheers

Wow nice one Doug ,hey that would be ace knowing someone might be playing your tune somewhere, copywrite :mrgreen: supose id better leave this version up untouched and dated ,some of the riffs and progressions came a bit too easy and left me thinking i might have copied something from somewhere unwittingly ,there is a lot of distortion in there ,dont know exactly where you mean,i know there are some anoying frequencys after listening back, i think the high mids are also overpowering a bit, my ears tend to get a bit numb around these frequencys after a while of mixing ,then when i have a listen later they become more apparant, thanks for your nice comments Doug .