Warning - crazy theory on Cubase 12 on Windows - it wrecked my DAW

Yesterday I was in a really bad situation. I’m mixing an album. Installed C12 to try it out. Had not much luck, so I kept using C11. But progressively - despite my scepticism - I began to suspect that just installing C12 had wrecked my setup. To the point that C11 on some tracks simply ground to a halt. Turning off plug-ins, adjustments to ASIO Guard and power, removing plug-ins - I actually could no longer work on one song in particular. So today, I backed up the C drive and went back to the snaphot I took before I installed C12. Now, the song plays. It’s running up there in performance (like they all do in this project) but no red lights. I know it sounds bats; but there it is right in front of me. So there’s something in the install that eats performance - and I spent $1800 on components for this build only 4 months ago. It’s a powerful machine. Just not powerful enough for C12.


Sorry your rig got hosed. I would probably take the time to do a clean install of the OS and everything.

I thought it was performing poorly as well. But, with all the other issues I was having with it, I gave up and went back to Studio One. I’ve been with Steinberg since Cubase 4.

I am very sick of the buggy versions that never really get fixed, just more buggy versions. So, I started looking at other options and Studio One seems like a winner to me.

So super frustrated with Steinberg for pushing out buggy releases just for a revenue goal.

I think I paid for my last upgrade of Cubase, and I likely won’t upgrade Nuendo. In fact, I may just not use them anymore except to open old projects.


I had something similar after installing C12. Even after uninstalling it, I couldn’t load previously working projects into C11. Even basic templates. I installed a few things and pasted the defaults and other files I keep up to date copies of and everything seems fine now. But I had an anxiety filled panic day after trying to use C12. So I’ll just keep my license and wait for the inevitable updates which hopefully will fix things. Or…like with Cubase 10.5, things never got fixed until Cubase 11. Perhaps Cubase 12.5 will be cool?


I know for me Cubase 12 seems better if I shut off the internet before I fire it up. I don’t need the internet on while I’m working. I know Cubase starts up faster and I have fewer issues overall. I am not sure, but I think Cubase is making calls out to the web. Maybe to check for license? I’m on a Mac but things seems not right sometimes. Try it. Maybe it might help.

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Well. Steinberg promised that there should be no call home function.

But no.

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On my system it can hang on checking license. It doesn’t happen all the time. It sure seems to boot up faster if I have the WI-FI off. I’m glad it’s not doing going up to the web. So when does Cubase check to reset the 30 days you have to be offline?

It doesn’t.

This post is making me think of a problem I have had with the Steinberg Generic ASIO driver. If you are having slow project loading events or old projects that have become sluggish after reloading them in a new version of Cubase, always check your ASIO driver and make sure Cubase hasn’t installed this driver. Typically, when Cubase chooses this Generic ASIO driver there is a small white rectangular screen that appears (briefly) on top of your Cubase loading screen. It shows the Generic ASIO driver loading the interface’s ins and outs with a quick series of left to right flashing blue squares. (It happens quickly if you have a fast machine.)

Remember, too, that this Steinberg Generic driver is installed EVERY time you install Cubase or any Steinberg program. It can’t be avoided.

To get rid of it, uninstall it first (I do this from CClean), and then (in a PC DAW), remove/delete these ‘Steinberg ASIO driver’ entries in the Windows Registry:


Have you excluded C11 from any antivirus software but not C12. Just a thought.