Warning - Latest Windows 10 updates

Have just updated Windows 10 (or rather, it did it for me) on my HP Laptop, and can no longer run Dorico. ‘No Valid Licence Found’ error message pops up. Now need to remember where the hell my activation code is held.

Thought I’d giver yoiu the heads up, and Microsoft is about to receive several nasty tweets.

I have just tried to enter the activation code sent by email when I bought the product.and now it’s telling me my soft-elicenser cannot be used, also telling me I need a USB.

…although after re-entering the e-licence and then running the e-licence maintenance program, it seems to fix things. Beware these bloody updates!

Works fine here
(after update)

Sometimes happens with windows updates, especially with bigger ones.
Usually it’s fixed by running e licenser as admin and let it do maintenance.

Same happened to me with ALL of my ‘dongleware’. Not just Steinberg, but also things that use iLok.

In my case a ton of system drivers got ‘nullified’ by the Windows 10 ‘Anniversary Update’, so I had to go about ‘reinstalling’ them all.

For Steinberg stuff…all I had to do was run eLicenser in administrative mode and it fixed itself.

  1. Tap windows key.
  2. Type in el
  3. Right click the eLicenser icon on the start menu and select “Run as Administrator”.

If that doesn’t get it going again, just grab the latest eLicenser installer and run it again (just in case it needs to reinstall some drivers that a windows update might break).

You do NOT need to ‘re-register’ anything. Your lisence key(s) are already on your dongle or soft-lisencer.