Warning! Noob Question .... Drum Map


I am new to Cubase and Groove Agent as well. I have watched several good video tutorials on Groove Agent and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on how it is supposed to work. Here is the problem I am having:

When I create a drum map from the instrument and try to add kick drums or snares, etc., and then I play it back, I only hear a couple of the kicks or snares I have added. For instance, I added a measure and put a kick drum on each beat, 16 of them all together, but when I play it back I only hear the kick on the 1st, 8th, 11th and 13th beats. Very strange and random. OK, I was just playing around with the kicks I added and now the last beat lands on the 17th instead of the 13th beat (first beat of the 2nd measure). I am using the drumstick to add each kick.snare, etc.

Process: Turn on “Racks”, add vst by clicking "Track Instrument and adding one groove agent track. Alt>Click>Drag for a couple of measures, create drum map from instrument in the Inspector, then double click the recording portion on the timeline, which brings up the drum map. Add drum instruments by left clicking where you want them on the drum map after selecting the drum stick.

What am I doing wrong?? Just want to build drum tracks. Thanks for any recommendations.


OK, I can drag and drop any drum line and alter it to be what I want, or I can choose Drum Editor from the MIDI menu and it works just fine. Why won’t it work with the Drum Map?

Could you please post an image of your issue? I can’t seem to visualize it from your description… often an image says more then a 1000 words :slight_smile: