Warning: the update 10.0.40 installs an old version of eLicenser

As the object said, the new update wants to install an old vesion of eLicenser Control Center, so we have an error during the check of licences. So, we needs to download the new version of eLicenser from the website and intall it again. Why? :question:

Yes, I got this too.

Same here.

Ditto …

I have complained about this during previous updates but, the last few times (including this one) I did not have any issues. During this update to CB 10.0.40 I already had eLCC v6.11.8.8256 installed and it stayed with the same version. Weird.

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I got some warning about hotfix, which was already installed.

Thanks for this thread.

I updated the e-Licensenser and then installed the .40 update. All’s well.