We didn’t use Groove agent in Performer. We just had Groove agent as a track in the project on the studio end. We were just recording Duncs guitar.

Another problem we had was when downloading the HD files, they were not imported into the project. The last time we tried this it worked no problem but this time no luck.

That’s confusing. You said “Duncan as performer added a Groove agent into Insert 2. Groove agent doesn’t show up in the inserts on my end (studio).”
Who inserted what and where?

Sorry that was a typo. It was guitar rig that was put into the inserts. I’ve edited that last post

hi Jim

can you just explain again - still looks to be conflicting information in your post ?

Dunc (performer) - wants to use guitar rig for his performance ?
You (studio) want dunc to play along to a Groove Agent track ?

result was Dunc could hear your groove agent track through guitar rig ?

That is correct. This only happens when the performer inserts Guitar rig into an insert. If Guitar rig is inserted into an insert in Connect from the studio end then it works fine. We switched to me as performer and the same thing happened.

hi Jim

you’ve inserted it on the wrong channel in peformer

Will check that out as soon as I can get Duncan on line.

a) you still haven’t mentioned where exactly you “insert” the plug on the Performer end. I assume it’s a Performer channel such as “Inst”.
b) just tested it and it works just fine. I guess you may be missing that you first need to select the target channel that you want to insert to. All fx, eq, compressor, and inserts relate to the selected channel (which may be different in Cubase/Nuendo).

dr is correct it was inserted in the master channel. The problem was that, and maybe this is meant to happen, when I open Connect there are no channels selected, and If I place a plugin in an insert it is put into the master channel and I have no clue which channel it is in. I just wasn’t paying attention to the master channel because I had assumed the plugin would be placed in one of the monitoring channels.

Thanks for the help guys. And I’m sure we’ll be back :wink:

Admittedly, it is a bit confusing, also the selection is hard to spot. We hope to find time to improve the user interface.

bear with it Jim, once you start using it - it all gets easier :slight_smile:

Sticking in there. Enjoying learning. Duncans an ex-pro tools user. and he just got Cubase. As soon as he told he had Cubase I thought, let’s play with Connect. So Duncans at a bit of a disadvantage, not knowing Cubase. We’ve just been prodding and poking Connect until now we have it pretty much sorted that we both know how it all works(I hope). The only thing we couldn’t get to work was the Dim control in Connect, just didn’t seem to do anything.
We are getting a lot of drop-outs in the internet connection which has been hampering outer investigations. We soldiered through it and finally got everything pretty much sorted. Just got to do a bit of detective work on the internet problem which might be at Duncans end as he’s on wireless through a wireless transmitter. He’s going to get hardwired as soon as so hopefully that might sort things out. While we wait for that I’m just going to get him up to speed. with Cubase then we will be ready.

fyi, Dim control reduces main level when Talkback is engaged. This is linked to the Control Room Dim control.
If dim is set to 0 dB, nothing will happen :slight_smile:

I did say I might be back but I thought it would only be with the small stuff. Duncan on Performer suddenly had the vast majority of the plugins disappear from Performer. Apart from Fab filter plugins, all other plugins were gone. After pointing Performer at all the VST folders there was still nothing. Reinstalled Performer still nothing. After a system restart all the VST3 plugins turned up but no others. The plugins had disappeared both from the performer side and studio.
We then switch ends with me as Performer. The same thing happened for me all VST3 plugins were there but nothing else.
We have tried to reconnect the plugin folder with no luck. Cubase still sees all the plugins so they are all still installed.

Figured it out. I didn’t realize that you could only select one folder for the VST2 side. I had assumed it was like cubase and would scan whatever folder that you selected.
The problem now is that I thought I’d be smart and just scan Program files folder in windows and Performer would find them all. Not so. Every time I open up performer now it just tries to scan the Program files folder then dies. I think I broke performer, can’t use it anymore.

You may delete these files: C:\Users<you>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Connect Performer_64
You might want to look at the xml files first in a text editor to look if any damaged=“1” appears, which means the plug in question crashed when Performer scanned it. Possibly there are several, and that’s why it keeps crashing. After all ‘bad guys’ had been scanned (start several times) it should work though. If this is the case, let us know which plugs crashed, or send us the xml file via PM (just copy the text).
Do not attempt any of that sort should you use cracked plugins.

Thanks bigtime. Duncan had just got his internet sort and we were running without any problem not a red light in sight. Then some idiot decided to scan the C drive for plugins. I’m not a grass so I won’t tell you who it was :wink: :confused: :blush: . Anyway it looks like we are cooking with gas now, at least with our fingers crossed. Just got to get Duncan up to speed with Cubase and we’ll be hammering it.