Warp audio to straighten out tempos

Ok - there have been a couple of topics over the years on this but no real solutions.
I have a stereo live recording of a gig last year. I want to re-record parts individually using that original recording as a template. I want to be able to manipulate the tempos keeping all parts lined up with the bars/ beats.
I have recorded a midi track with just quarter note taps along with the audio recording and have used that to create a tempo map.
This sees every quarter note tap lined up in the grid and matches with the audio file.
How do I apply the timing of those taps to the audio file as hitpoints so that when I remove the tempo track to set it all to a fixed tempo, the audio will warp all the correct points to match the new grid? There seems to be a function to convert hitpoints to midi events but not the other way round.
And please- not looking for advice on why this is not a great idea musically etc. etc.- just can it be done relatively easily and how.

you were 99% of the way there

now select your audio track:
menu > audio > advanced > set definition from tempo
the audio needs to be in ‘musical mode’

now you can do whatever you like to the tempo track - delete it or set to fixed tempo.

Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

Yes - perfect thank you!
Not the most intuitive menu item I’ve ever seen but hey, it’s Cubase! :grinning:

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