Warp multitrack and fix stereo warping [Achieved]

Hi to all!
I want to bring up an old feature requst, which was asked for many years now.
I’m talking about 2 problems with warping.

  1. Free warp multitrack - is something, that is strongly awaited by every sound engineer, who is working with live drums and multimiced guitars (or any other multitrack source).
    In current versions of Cubase it is possible to automatically warp quantize multitrack, but there are two major problems: (1) you cannot fix anything, that is done buy this thing, because it is not possible to move warps simultaniously in all selected tracks, and, I guess even more importantly (2) that quantizing is not phase cohearent, which means, that there will be pretty audible phase issues after the process in, like, 25% of the result (according to my experience, but it may vary).

  2. More than that, even warping stereo files is not phase cohearent. Try this (it may be not as easy, but still): take one long stereoevent with mono content (left and right is absolutely the same). If you insert some Mid Side matrix on it and listen in side mode (which means everything, that is different between left and right) you will hear none, because, as mensioned earlier, left and right is absolutely the same.
    Now enter freewarp mode, and mess around with them, make some big changes. After that - listen in Side mode again, and you will hear some random noises here and there, which mean, that some differences between left and right channels were created by warping. They may be small, and appear not so often, but they are certainly there, and in minimalistic arrangement can be really audible.


It is ridiculous that Cubase has still not incorporated multitrack warp. This has been a standard feature in most other DAW’s for nearly 10 years. This will be my last upgrade of Cubase if this is not addressed in the next release. I’m tired of playing for useless upgrades. BASICS Cubase…drummers need this feature. I’ve been loyal since SX3 days, and I’m ready to jump.

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Achieved with Cubase 12.

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