Warp multitrack?

Some information about warp multitrack in C11?

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Not seen anything new in the manual about it, are you sure its a thing?

it’s not ‘a thing’

there are some more sample libraries though so it’s not all bad news

Of course there is nothing about‘ WARP MULTITRACK’ because Steinberg obviously does not read its users forums or FEATURE REQUESTS. I am completely baffled how much energy they put into everything apart from what it’s existing users say they really need.

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it was a question

I am very sorry that multitrack warp is not possible in this version as well. Multitrack warp is too important a feature and it’s really hateful not to have it available

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Steinberg must have lost some of their top developers in the cubase team.
Since some years only UI oriented changes or extremely loose parts (plugins, sample libs, etc) were put into the upgrades.

I think, we must get used to get only UI features and little bells and whistles into the future. I made same experience with Sibelius when the the new team of developers from Ukraine took over. Nobody tries to work on kernel aspects.
Waiting for multitrack free warp for a music program more than 8 years is a catastrophe.

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No multitrack warp, no sale for me. I’ve already moved to Reaper for anything with live drums.

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  1. Features that I do not need
  2. Too much money in case I would need
  3. Too much troubles as indicated in this forum for installing/activating
  4. Loosing my trust in a company that ignores steadily the wishes of their customers (not valid for Dorico and wavelab!)
  5. Software is missing standard features
    So 99€ stay on my side not on Steinberg!
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Has anyone confirmed that multi-track free-warp is indeed not there? If that’s true, I’ll do my traditional “+1” to this, same as I have been for literally many years across many versions. I’m wondering if the problem is that not many of us really need it or ask for it (although it seems like a nearly critically useful feature to me), or if that it’s just that hard to code into the existing codebase. But it is pretty comical how long at least some people have been asking for this one.

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“MultiTrack AudioWarp” itself has been possible with “AudioWarp Quantizing” since Cubase6.5. It can also be applied to selection ranges in the Project window and in the Sample Editor.

However, AudioWarp quantizing does not maintain phase coherence.

That is the most important point. I don’t know if it is a solvable problem.

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Not sure if I’m reading the manual page correctly, but does this allow for arbitrary hand-adjusting of warp points? Or just quantizing via rules? I want to be able to select an arbitrary N tracks (could be 8 to 12 if this is something with a lot of mics on one take like large groups, drum kits, etc), then do what I can do with the “normal” warp, that is create a warp point and drag it left/right until satisfied with the result. I’d like all N tracks to have the exact same adjustment. Not sure if phase coherence is an absolute necessity. Do other DAWs that allow this do it with phase coherence?

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My workaround:

Convert your multiple tracks into ONE SURROUND track in the EXPORT TO AUDIOMIXDOWN option. (we have like 19 channels in 3rd Ambisonics) and then import it right away into your project. Then, make your audiowarp adjustments on this surround track. Afterwards, re-convert them to multi-mono and re-import.

You`re welcome :wink:

All the best.

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Multitrack Free Warp means free…
About phase coherence: It works quite well in S1, PT and Logic…a better solution I would not demand…just state of the art.

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+1 - its a minor faff, but works fine for phase-accurate multi channel warping. No idea why this can’t be implemented across separate channels, maybe its a licensing issue? Regardless, there is a way to achieve this today.

yours is a clever solution, but it involves many steps if, like me, you record guitars with multi-miking in addition to the drum. a serious daw MUST allow me to make simultaneous warp changes on selected tracks

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YES :+1: :+1: :+1:

Agreed! For a recording where I had multiple tracks for bass, DI, FX-pedals, Amp and mic on strings, I did my adjustments on the DI (both warp and variaudio for a fretless performance), and then exported the track to XML - opened it in a text editor and search/replaced DI → Mic etc, and then imported the tracks back.

That seemed to have worked, not sure about phase coherence though.

The main issue with audio warp as it exists in Cubase 11 is that it cannot work with looped audio*. You have to bounce/render in place the audio, because clips that begin and end before the start and end point are given a different BPM. Look at this in the Pool and you will see all tracks that have been recorded in cycle mode have ??? beside them and when they are changed to Musical Mode they all have different BPMs depending upon their length. Hence all the audio has to be rendered to the clip length. Once you have done that everything works swimmingly and pitch-changes within reason sound very authentic.

*This also applies to clips that include pre recording and post recording.

+1 ! I also miss this feature dearly in Cubase. I have to go back to Logic Pro to actually do multitrack warp which is an unnessasary extra step. I hope that this is on the list for C12.

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Mmh, it’s been possible for ages to warp the entire timeline i.e. with the warp tool. Just turn the musical mode on for the audio events that are affected and they will be time-warped to match all the tempo changes. Is this what you meant?