Warped Files Bounce Inaccurately

I think it should… Yeah, it happens only on warped files but it’s a bummer…

Hey Pristudio - why don’t you change the title of this thread to " [Bug?]: Warped Files Bounce Inaccurately" .

I think that’s how Steinberg has asked for potential bugs to be reported: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3400

Done! Thanks! :wink:

Nice work Pri, this has been bothering me for some time - especially when you spend countless hours aligning things, bounce down, listen back and hear a complete phase mess!

Thanks! Let’s hope it will be fixed soon…

Ha! :laughing: OK, I did do this and it seemed to work perfectly - UNTIL I got to the end of the track!

Sorry for doubting the OP as he refered to a realtime mixdown failure vs. using the bounce method!! I was wrong in thinking that a realtime mixdown of the warped track would be sonically accurate. It is not!

For that matter, to see that the mixdown track is identical in length to the warped track in the project - and yet it’s beats are not lined up - is even more alarming. This says that as the mixdown process in Cubase is used to export a warped track, it is not reproducing/exporting what it is playing. I don’t understand how this can happen.

Now let’s make some noise and hope Steinberg say something about it!

Can you give a step-by-step repro, mr. roos?

  1. Take a stereo drum beat originally from the media bay that I have built up for song writing, in the case it’s too long, so I cut it to 20 bars in length.
  2. Use the warp feature from my project bar to warp the 20 bar track in two places, lengthen the first 6 bars, and shorten the middle 8, and leave the last 6 alone
  3. Export the track via the real time mixdown feature in Cubase - (1 copy back to the project directly, and one copy to my desktop, which were identical on comparison, BTW.)
  4. Compare the two tracks sonically and visually

Things start out fine but as you reach the last 6 bars, you can plainly see that the beats are not lining up. And the thing that really bothers me is that the two tracks are identical in length. That is a freaky thing to see.

What did they say in response (did you report it by phone, email, etc., or this way http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3400 )?

Why do I wish Steinberg would acknowledge this post? :exclamation:

It’s time for Steinberg to chime in!!

Don’t hold your breath. :frowning: Bug confirmed and it is frankly unacceptable.

I do wish Steinberg would acknowledge this post and this problem.

I also wish a few more forumites would attempt to perform this warp process and chime in with their results. You know who you are.

Its too bad Steinberg has not addressed this. :frowning:

But to all who need this feature, the ability to duplicate a warped track, the solution is to copy and paste it. Which means that - if you want a warped track to be accurate time-wise - then you should NOT use the bounce or mixdown feature.

So this means that if you need a ‘finalized’ version of your warped track, one that can be in the project in musical mode along with all your other tracks, then you need to copy and paste it into the project. If you do it as a bounce or as a track mixdown, it will not be time aligned!!

Problem is, if I have to deliver files for a PT equipped studio, I’m in trouble…and I do. :frowning:

Ok, I’m not so clear about this, but if you just copy and paste it - well, I’ve noticed that if I’m sometimes making a change to the copy, that the original will change too. I think that’s explained in the manual, but I’ve managed somehow to put off reading about it so far. Would that apply here?

Then, from the “You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide” dept - say you do copy and paste it, then do whatever else you wind up doing to it. At SOME point it has to be bounced, or exported or something … then won’t we be back to square one?

Thanks -

Hi guys,

I followed this topic over the last weekend.

Let me explain my test:

  • Created a new audio track and imported an audio file

  • Now I used the Free Warp tool.

  • Performed an audio export and imported the file on to a new track

  • I now saved the the Cubase project and closed Cubase

  • Opened Cubase again and loaded the Cubase project again as well.

  • Now I have performed once again the audio export for the soloed Free Warp audio track

  • Imported the audio export file on to another audio track

Now I wanted to check if there is any misbehavior or difference between the two audio exports:

  • Soloed the two audio tracks containing the audio export files
  • Reversed the phase for one of the tracks

The expected result is, that everything is cancelling…

And the result is that Cubase is cancelling everything completely, no level at all!

So every audio export is identical and correct.

Concerning the non-cancellation while using playback with the Free Warp track and an exported file/ doubling tracks:
Please note that the Free Warp tool is a real time tool/ algorithm and we will improve this feature in the future.

But the most important thing is, that the audio export function is absolutely reliable and correct.

If you have any further information…just let me know and I will try to investigate it again.

So every audio export is identical and correct.

Your test proves that the 2 exports are identical…but not really that they are correct.

So in your test after step 3, in the project window do your waveforms line up?..once zoomed in with my own test I am finding various hits within the file to be anything from 20-123 samples different from the original (or the appearance of).
I did export both realtime & offline & these do line up perfectly but both are way out to the original warped waveform.

Reading between the lines here after the Steinberg response, I would say that the export is correct but the warp algorithm is way less accurate than it needs to be and so the waveform view does not reflect where warped hits will play.