Warping an entire song

Hey folks,

This is not the first time I have had this problem but it is the first time I have asked for help. I often get recordings from friends in other parts of the world that they want me to add guitar, bass or drums etc too. I just got a cover tune a friend recorded for someone that is just acoustic guitar and vocal mixed down to one track. It was not done to a click track and drifts a little here and there. This makes it impossible to add drums to (superior drummer) and I have never been able to figure out how to snap entire songs to a set BPM if there happen to be timing issues.

I have tried several times and the results just were not there. I am sure there has to be a way. I use Cubase 5.1.2. I also have 7 AI but I haven’t used it all that much (I am so use to version 5 its a tough switch) AI doesn’t have the tools I need anyway, at least I don’t think. So anyway…am I working on a lost cause? Is there really no decent way to do this?



Dumb question I guess.


Hello Vegasmark,

In Cubase 5 you can select all of the events and use the cursor tool to apply time stretch for overall timing. However group edits to allow use of Hitpoints to time stretch was not a feature until Cubase 6. I would suggest possibly updating your Cubase 5 license to Cubase 7.5 which offers the group edit feature for Audio Warp and also tempo detection. Tempo Detection would allow to analyze the song and create a tempo track to follow the overall timing so you could use a click track and VSTi’s like Superior Drummer projects that weren’t recorded to a click track originally.