Warping audio with tempo track to fixed tempo

I have a project that has a reference audio track that has a variable tempo. I was able to create a tempo map by using the tapping technique. So currently when I play back using the tempo track, the bars/beats along with the click line up perfectly to the reference audio.

I would now like to warp the audio so that it lines up with a fixed tempo track. The fixed tempo would be the average tempo of the tempo track. I can’t figure out how to this, but I have to believe that it can be done. Could someone point me in the right direction?


I guess you’re talking about audio files here. I’ve done this once but can’t exactly remember how…

Try this: now that you have the varying tempo set, bounce all audio to new files, then simply set your fixed tempo. Think you have to turn on musical mode for all events (easiest in the pool) and they will stretch accordingly as Cubase should have written the varying tempo into the bounces.

Well I seem to have solved it. Not entirely sure which piece did it, but here is what I did. I bounced the audio to the pool as suggested above. This appears to have given me exactly what I started out with, but it seems to behave differently when re-imoprted.

While the new audio track was in the pool I clicked musical mode. I made certain that the project was switched from tempo map mode to fixed mode. I dragged the file from the pool to the project and I new have a fixed tempo audio file.

I can switch between fixed and the tempo map and the audio changes with it. The original audio track does not do this. In other words, when in tempo map mode, the original and new tracks appear to play back identically, but when in fixed tempo mode, the new track adjusts where as the original track does not.

I will need to play with this some more to get a good handle on it.


After you’ve done what you said in the 1st paragraph, apply the function “Set definition from tempo” to the audio (I think it’s in the Sample Editor chapter, but you can search in the .pdf to find it).

Then, you can turn the tempo track on, type the desired fixed tempo, and the audio will play back at that steady tempo.

(I think the 1st link in my sig goes into more detail).

Good luck!

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank-you.