warping transients to 1/4 notes

I have successfully assigned warp tabs to all desired transients in a three minute audio track. I wish to place each warp tab at a successive 1/4 note but because some of the transients are not close enough to the next 1/4 note I end up with an uneven rhythm here and there after quantizing.

I have read over various section of the manual several times and can’t find anything about a specific function within quantize or elsewhere that will put each warp tab at a 1/4 note regardless of how far that tab might be from the next nearest 1/4 note. Does such a function exist or has anyone an idea of a quicker way to the desired result?

I am not using iterative quantize and have adjusted the settings as well as I am able to according to the manual.

It might help to know that this is a recording of a voice speaking in monosyllables that should each fall on a 1/4 note. The recording was made with no metronome and the tempo varies a bit here and there.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

I’ve found a reasonable solution in calculating and setting a rough tempo then going into free warp mode and placing warp tabs here and there where needed. Moving one warp tab can pull several transients to the correct place in the bar.

so you do have to do it manually, right?

Manually, yes. It didn’t take that long in my case.

Maybe the solution could in some kind of complex slicing thing where slices are made then automatically placed on successive 1/4 notes. Seems it would more logical for the software to automatically assign separate events at regular intervals than to recognise and move transients that exists in a single event.

not sure i follow completely, but yeah you could always slice, quantize to 1/4, then ‘close gaps’ using timestretch? the first part could be automated using a one button/macro solution, with

edit - open/close editor
hitpoints - calculate
hitpoints - create audio slices from hitpoints