Was it all a dream!? Where is the function!?

Suddenly I cannot find a simple function in Cubase I have used before. I have googled, googled and googled and it seems to totally disappeared from history like it never have existed!?

The function that never seem to existed does this simple thing:

  • Select a Midi-part with data outside the part (due to resizing).
  • Run the never-existing-function that existed just fine a couple of days ago.
  • All data outside the parts start/end is removed.

It was like a “Trim selected midi event”-function.

You can of course do this by using the cut tool, and then delete the unwanted parts.
You can also achieve this by using the range tool and then the crop tool.
You can also achieve this by making some intricate Logical Editor-macro.
You can also achieve this in lots of other ways.

But I KNOW I had set it up as a shortcut. I marked a bunch of midi parts, resized them simoultanesly, pressed my shortcut, and BOOM. The parts were freshly updated with no data outside the part.

Feels like I’m going crazy or are being gaslighted by Google. Suddenly I just cannot find it.


I other words - nope. The function doesn’t exist, and have never done.

(your link lead to my third point in my “You can also achieve this by”-list)

Maybe the simplest explanation is, that you remember a Macro or a Logical Editor Preset with multiple steps (where you simply forgot its origin), which you had configured to invoke via a simple key command (shortcut)?

p.s. If you think, that maybe you’ve had this functionality in a prior version of Cubase and you still keep prior version(s) installed (or you have older backups), there’s a chance that you could find the Macro (or Logical Editor preset) in the relevant preset or preferences file in the folder of the older Cubase version.

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Thank you for your very insightful response.

Unfortenately, I’m new to Cubase, and v13 is my first installation. I think the answer is that I mixed it up with Bounce Midi and false preconceptions based on when I was using Ableton - mixed with watching numerous of Cubase-tutorials where maybe someone had this Logical Editor-script running, and I just saw him use it and my brain created a memory that I done that… Or something like that. It’s kinda scary to find out that the world suddenly isn’t what you thought it was :).

Unfortenately, I only have Cubase Artist that doesn’t have the full power of the Logical Editor. But this alone might be worth the upgrade?

Oh, then I also would do a macro that renamed the midi events to the Track name!

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Double click on the track name to rename the track, press Shift+Enter. renames all events.


Shift + Enter MADE MY CHRISTMAS!!! WOAAAAH! Thank you!!!

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