Was Nuendo Ten Premature?

Countdown to my complaints, T minus 3 months!


I just turned 55 also - now get off my lawn…

I still have seven more years to go until I can turn into a complainer :slight_smile:

Nice to see the warmth and humour return.

I’m way past 55 and getting beyond complaining (I can’t be bothered any more). In fact I’m rapidly losing the will to live. At least I think I am.

Of course as we Can all see from your profile picture you were born a few hundred years ago.

Well it certainly feels like it at the moment - I broke my ankle this week.

That’s actually my father pictured in the 1930’s. I’m a lot older than him now.

lol - I used to worry that I was becoming apathetic but…meh.

The worst thing for me about growing old is that, on top of all my other ailments, I’ve now caught Hypochondria.

Totally feel you. Myself I’ve gotten a lot of help and remedies for this from the good ol’ Cap’n Morgan and his dear friend Cola. Although you can’t deny Miss Laphroaig’s smoking mixtures either.

Lucky you.
I got Tourette.

Hence why this forum has the most advanced profanity filters of the industry.

Best f**%ng regards

Ok, I will wait 5 years to start complaining but I promise… I will gather a lot of very good (bad) and deep stuff (sh*t) during the following 5 years and will blow this forum 2024!
Nothing will be good . So enjoy now while you can…

Priceless ! :grin:

And here I was, wondering why this thread goes well into page 5. Now I know.

It has become the page for geriatrics and potty-mouths. SMH :slight_smile:


But can anyone imagine how it will be when you stop working in audio one day?
No bugs to complain about?

:open_mouth: Who wants to stop working in audio …?

One day, I said…

WHAT? You’ll have to speak up.