Was Nuendo Ten Premature?

I’ll be here … :wink:

Davinci Resolve though does a great job at exporting, and it support batch exports by loading them into a list of renders to execute.

Wonderful application, if only it would stop crashing. I don’t know if it’s my computer, or what, but Resolve requires lots of resolve to get past the crashes.

… you then have access to pretty much all formats, resolutions, bit rates etc.


Solid A- for pun.

I’ve had zero stability issues.

THanx! :laughing:

[quoteI’ve had zero stability issues.
I’ll give it another go (again). :wink:

I just released my debut album working almost entirely within Nuendo 10.

I cross graded from Cubase, so I think I know that, almost everything is on par with Cubase. Well, I am saying ‘almost’ because there are still few things that are, in my opinion, much better in Cubase. For example, Cubase can remember VCA destination in a template while Nuendo still can’t.

Otherwise, the video export functionality is awesome for small videos like music videos, short films and television commercials etc. But for large videos, like films, Nuendo can make the exported file size very very large.

But I suppose Nuendo is coming soon with more codecs.

Regarding DaVinci Resolve, we’ve actually had huge problems with it when working on a series of promos this summer. It refused to export in stereo, and everything was way too high, even beyond what a simple merging of two channels would normally result in. And the nulling was all over the place. Can’t remember exactly what it sounded like anymore other than distorting to hell, but the director I was working with ditched Resolve altogether and muxxed in After Effects instead.
That program has a great possible future, but it’s not there yet regretfully. At least not for us here.

I am sorry to know that. It works for me perfectly here. Were you using beta versions?

People use Resolve professionally for commercial project in which audio is a part. I seriously doubt the problems you (van Caine) encountered were due to the software. It must have been an awfully random bug, an immature version, or more likely some mistake done by someone operating the software.

Yeah, it seems pretty random, at least at the time (early summer), how well it works for different people. The colour-correction generally seems pretty rock solid, but the video-editor and sound-part was pretty fritzy what I heard. Myself I haven’t really dug into it yet though, this was an issue for the editor of a project we filmed last spring and posted this summer.

Of course it was a bug. And yes, a lot of people use it for commercial applications, and so will probably I eventually as I’m pretty pissed about how Adobe handle things, and Avid is simply too expensive as I only cut video occasionally, but of all the non-linear editors I know in the business I can’t say a single one using it for video editing, only colour correction and some video effects. Actually, every single one (that has this for a living) that I asked if it could make for a decent replacement for Premiere advised strongly against it. And i know one less who would consider using it for muxxing anytime soon again.
Black Magic did however release a stable version this August. Dunnu how it is though, only have the spring version right now and am in no rush to upgrade right now.

Nuendo 10 is not premature - it is UNUSABLE!

Tell that to the record labels, A&R guys and artists I’m currently mixing successful songs for on Nuendo 10. We all think it works pretty great!

Ok it’s partly usable for a small local purposes. But I can’t use it for a normal feature postpro.

When I saw what they done to UNDO function - I was completely in shock. And it’s only one thing they ruined. So I am unable to clean dialogs in RX with N10 for example. So maybe this record labels and A&D guys do just simple stuff in N10 - for me N10 is unusable for a complex project in postpro.

N10 is a total and complete misunderstanding by software designers for whom they make their product.

I am currently working on my second feature film in N10 and we have done three drama series so far. Each production with multiple editors in the team.

Yes there are issues with the RX implementation but I can work around it until we get a proper solution.

Maybe you just are not good enough? :mrgreen: :smiling_imp:
Just kidding of course but unusable it is not.

Now you got me worried.
We must be doing something wrong.
N10 running great here.


Dear Fredo,

with all due respect - an application which isn’t even able to re-open a project without losing significant aspects of its visual representation isn’t running “great”. Nuendo is “running”, and that’s about it. … a somewhat battering statement for a v10 application, isn’t it?

Not sure what the above means? What significant aspects?
Transparent events? It is a intended change we can disagree with it but there nothing “wrong” with changing behaviour as such. It is called development.

Also working on a feature here, working quite well. I try to avoid DOP for anything heavy though. I’m still using my old workflow for RX.

While I certainly want continued development/improvement towards workflow and more long-promised improvements to the video engine, for example (10.2 was a good step in the right direction BTW), N10 is definitely usable for feature work with tons of sound design. I’d use this over PT any day.

Let’s be honest. You have a good, personal relationship with Steinberg. Like people like Hans Zimmer, they listen to you, and fix stuff that affects you.

The rest of us get straight up ignored.

I actually had a Steinberg rep reach out to me when I posted about my N issues on a professional game audio email list. I told them I had been ignored when I raised the issues here and they went quiet.

I’m still mad when I think back about the time I got banned from this forum for a week for pointing out the bugs subforum was completely ignored by steinberg staff, and had mods on here making snarky comments implying I didn’t actually work in the games industry, despite me having been working in it for near 10 years at that point.