Was praising Cubase and having great performance, looks like I jinxed myself

This is freaking unbelievable. You guys cannot get it right at Steinberg. Been running great all through the 12 launch and updates, and all the sudden the project I’m working on starts telling me it’s going to save it under a different number. Thought we got past this Steinberg? I’m using all Steinberg VSTs I purchased including groove agent and Halion 6/Sonic 3. Only have instances of Helix native on my instrument tracks. Everything shut down okay. But then when I open the project again some hours later, I get the message about a serious error occurring in having to save my project under a different name, blah blah blah, so I back it up, and also save it under a different number. The backup opens with the same serious problem warning, The number Cubase created opens with the same serious problem warning. I don’t use hundreds of plugins and I don’t have any third parties on this project. Please Steinberg, fix the simple things that allow us to actually use your program as a consistent means of production. Now I got to finish this project on another DAW to get it done. At least if you’re going to sell this program with as many bugs as it has don’t call it pro…

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Ya know if you want folks to help resolve your issues, a good description of the specific problems is crucial.

This maybe needs a bit more work to flesh it out.

However if you are just pissed off and want to vent without expecting any help - that’s cool too. We’ve all been there. Your choice.

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In that case, I’ll be moving this one to the Lounge.

If you would like to revisit this issue in the future, feel free to make a new thread with some more info. If it happens again though, I would strongly recommend contacting Steinberg support. Needless to say, showstoppers like this should ideally never be happening.

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Bye Bye! :scream:

Possibly you are too close to Stonehenge, and there’s no Safe Mode for that. Have you tried the troubleshooting step of moving to Scotland, or becoming a warlock yourself (if you are not already)?


You should breathe through your nose and let the pressure come down slowly. I have already encountered this problem with a project that only used VST and VSTi from Steinberg and where for some unknown reason it crashed. When I tried to reopen, Cubase had given it a number (Title-01). Crash again, a new number and so on. I put this project aside for a while.

It was with Cubase 11, I reopened this project with Cubase 12, the same thing. This project is still corrupt. I have no idea why and why this particular project keeps crashing. I have many other projects that have been used and reused since and everything works great.

It seems to relate specifically to this file which I believe is corrupt. Why? I do not know.

I abandoned the project, but not Cubase. Maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t waste my time and patience with this project.

However, you are free to believe the grass is greener next door.

Bye and good luck!

Sorry my joke didn’t make you laugh. I do understand that you’re angry, but I thought my post would lighten the mood.

I’ve faced the same type of problem – I imagine most people who’ve been using computers to make music have, as Rene_L mentioned.

There’s not much that can be done after the fact, but what I’ve learned over the years is to have a backup routine that is quite paranoid. These days I have Windows File History saving every 10 minutes, an online service (sync.com) that copies files to the external server when they are changed, plus a full disk backup that can boot my system in a catastrophic situation.

This has saved my butt a couple times, which is great, but what’s really nice is the reduction in stress when a corruption takes me by surprise – I have versions available, so that awful sinking feeling is not part of the experience.

I hope to one day be called a musician, 50 years of violin playing and 30 of gigging will hopefully qualify me.

Ahhh, there is your mistake. This is actually a users forum. Steve is just another musician volunteering their time to try and help other musicians who use Cubase. More often than not a bit of humor does help when folks are frustrated - but of course not always.

Sorry you are having problems and hopefully moving to another DAW will help. Although I think you might be projecting you own experience rather than reality with this:

Best of luck

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I’ve run into some other problems without the "Save your project under another … " but it was still a problem and the projects couldn’t be opened. It was a while back so I don’t remember the details. In my case I could either use a blank project and from there use the “File → Import → Tracks from project” feature or use the original template and again Tracks from project and I was able to get a new project up and running and then complete it with what was missing and move on. I don’t know if that fits your scenario but you can always try … unless you’ve sold Cubase?

Can I make a kind of neutral statement or what ever you wanna call it about how it’s strange that some people have close to no problems while others have to stop because of overwhelming problems when useing … the same tools? I don’t know why this is. I also don’t know what I’m doing to have so few problems with Cubase. Not much of a help to you. Still it’s true.

The thing is Wickham_Sky, no DAW or any program for that matter is perfect. You’ll always run into bugs or things you don’t like in whatever one you use. Also data corruption can happen on any level of a computer and it’s not always the fault of the program it occurs in. It could be a third party plugin that’s behaving badly or it could be a hardware issue like a poorly overclocked system or RAM that’s not configured optimally and starts to produce issues when pushed beyond a certain limit.

Sure you can give up on Cubase and run to the sanctuary of another DAW and think you’ll live happily ever after with that? But most likely you’ll run into other bugs and annoyances there as well. I’ve tried all the major ones over the past years and none of them are without issues or just don’t offer the functionality I need.

And this emotional blackmail approach like “I’ll leave and sell everything if you don’t do what I want….” will really not get you anywhere. The thing is no one here cares if you do. Not in this ‘user’ forum or anywhere else. We can all relate to being frustrated because of issues like this but we should also try to keep everything within perspective. There are things you can do to protect yourself from the disaster when this happens so the damage will be limited to a minimum. Not any DAW will guarantee you issue free operation so you will always have to prepare and be able to recover from a ‘when the sh*t hits the fan’ situation!

Like Steve said, you need a good backup plan! And this goes with the use of any DAW! Make sure you have at least autosave running in Cubase so you have like 10-15 minutes intervals of at least 5 *.bak files you can fall back on. But you’ll probably need to do a lot more to be really save!

But just to be sure, have you tried this?

Open a fresh project and Import the tracks from your corrupted project and see if that works. If it still fails then import the tracks one by one to see which one is causing the issue. That way you may be able to track it down to the track that is causing this issue and further evaluate?

Good luck!

It seems to me that the first thing to do is restart in safe mode. If that is an issue restart in safe mode disabling the plugins. If that works there is an issue with a plugin.
Another thin you could try is creating a backup and delete all unused media, vsti’s and tracks. These issues can be quite random and not always the fault of Cubase.
I have lost count of the times I have raged about things, only to find the fault was me or something I had not noticed. Trouble shooting issues are always there. Baks are good, but so is back up regime for important projects. Steve has helped me a lot over the years to have a bit of perspective. Being cross is unavoidable but does not always help solve a frustrating issue.

I have never heard of this before, how do you configure a RAM to run on an optimum level?

I appreciate your answer to the OP. I however believe that there is something very wrong with Cubase.

Always when I start a project is going great. No updates, no new plugins, nothing.

On the 11th hour, it all goes to hell similar to the OP and sometimes much worst.

In all honesty, if there was a DAW with far lesser problems I would have switched a long time ago.

It really annoys the hell out of me, because I love Cubase, but sometimes it drives me crazy…

No matter what the Operating System, people have crazy powerful computers, still the same, Mac or PC, still things go to hell…

TBH, I would rather Steinberg spend 5 years creating a 90% stable version of Cubase, instead of releasing new versions every year that are full of bugs…

You’re correct. I can’t even comment to my own post because of all the fanboys defending Cubase till their last breath instead of playing the part of the consumer that they are and demanding their money’s worth.

Gee, I guess because my installation of Cubase functions problem free, I’m a fanboy shirking my sacred duty to get pissed off because some rando on a forum is having problems that they don’t seem to actually want to resolve and would rather just whine about…

OK, I can live with that.

Personally I think the reason I don’t have problems (knock on wood) is that I get my PCs made to order by folks who build PCs specifically as DAWs and make sure that all the components play nice with audio & real time processing.

Hi Raino, I am not debating your post here, but I find it very hard to believe that you have no problems with Cubase, none at all…

However, if this is the case,

Would you care to elaborate who build your PC and the secret to a perfectly running Cubase?

I am a professional film scoring composer, and such information would be extremely helpful,

Many thanks.

There is that, but there are also extremely helpful people here, voice your concerns, there is nothing wrong with that.

Sure. I’ve gotten my last few PCs from ADK Pro Audio. On my latest (last fall) we talked to finalize the configuration and after asking some questions about how I’d use it they suggested a couple of changes to the configuration from what I’d started with. So they’re pretty personalized, which is nice. In the past they’ve even installed some libraries on the new DAW that I already owned (aka didn’t buy from them).

Also they have a Quality Assurance checklist that they send you. This includes a burn-in test and items like “BIOS updated and properly configured”, “Make sure all OS tweaks are correct” or “Recording test completed” It has sections for both the Builder and the QA person. I think that this kind of attention to detail results in very solid systems. Keep in mind that this attention to detail also occurs during their system design - they are choosing components & testing them to confirm that they play nice with audio work.

Well, knock on wood

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Your statements are ridiculous, Cubase is a consumer product sold at many stores and online. It is designed to work with any system. Cubase computer requirements are posted on the Steinberg website. That said, Steinberg is the problem. If somebody buys a computer with the minimum requirements required by Steinberg, there should be no issues. Your whole explanation is blah. Spend more time making music and less time diddling. :joy:

The topic has now reached the point of no return.