Was really hoping for multi track free warp

Multi track drum editing is the only reason I still have pro tools. I use Cubase for every thing else. Cubase’s free warp works great on one track. Seems like they are most of the way there. Oh well… maybe next update.

I use StudioOnePro or LogicProX for that function since Cubase wont give it to us

Thanks, I didn’t know studio one could do that. I’m on windows so I guess that’s my only alternative. Are you happy with its free warp?

Studio One’s freewarp (called bend in that software) is fantastic. The best implementation that I’ve used, with PT in second place.

Been waiting a long time for multitrack freewarp and it doesn’t seem like it would be such a big deal to add. Studio One is looking better and better with bend and melodyne ARA.

I thought for sure in cubase 9 they would add this. I guess not,This update should of been 8.5 IMHO. I still like 9 but they didn’t dig deep enough to add pro features in this update.

Really frustrating not having this or warp on project window

as a workaround you can bounce all into new stereo track. and then free warp that

Sad but tru


I know it’s not good enough but audio warp quantise does work within folders for multiple tracks and you can stretch multiple tracks at the sametime using the sizing applies time stretch tool.

+1 (and guilty of +1 on numerous duplicated threads over more years than I care to remember)

Come on Steinberg, this is a big deal for some of us.

I’d have very little to complain about if this omission was to be resolved.

Yeah, I’m +1-ing this particular feature again too, although I too have done so in too many other threads about this. Drum multitracks. Multi-mic’ed instruments. Multi-track free warp makes so much sense and has been consistently requested for a long time.