Was taking a peek at MuseScore

I wouldn’t switch from Dorico, I don’t really see the need.

but I did think their little “widget” for harp pedals is cute! it certainly makes inserting pedal markings VERY easy.

Maybe Dorico could look at implementing some variation on that idea, maybe not the same thing (obvously) but I rather like the way the widget is “graphical” making inserting harp pedals feel more intuitive.

My friend @jawher-matmati made a very useful font that automate harp pedals, see here: HP Diagram - Notation Central

You can make a new Default Text and call it maybe: Harp Diagram where you set the font to HP Diagram font and you’re fine with that!

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I’m happy with the way Dorico already handles harp pedals, so getting a font wouldn’t necessarily be any faster.

I just thought the widget thingy was cute.