I recently bought Cubase and I like it a lot,.
Only one thing I hoped for did not work, and it’s a bit of a downer for me.
It’s the WASAPI, I need it :open_mouth: I think it’s a real bummer.

For me it’s not the noobie question of what is better, It’s just that your daw takes away my options to do multi client audio by not having WASAPI or DS driver support, which is strange for a recording DAW? So I need it, do multi client recording and simultaneous playback.

Is there any chance of this rolling in the program in the future?


Hi and welcome,

You can do multi client audio with some Audio Devices vendors ASIO driver, or with ASIO4ALL.

Even if I had ASIO for all, which may work for multitracking and doing ReWire.
I want to use the WASAPI to record the output of one program “running” into a horizontal tacking DAW like Cubase.
Via a buffer passing them rather than a piece of wire. Actually as a programmer I want to dip into writing stand alone software for a while too.

I reaaly want the WASAPI driver. I hope it’s not a SOPA/PIPA thing. “Reaper has it” :wink:

Use voicemeeter.


Hey that is a good tool.
Ty, :slight_smile: