Wash It Dry

To celebrate a birthday and the release of the album – on all the known digital platforms – here is the final track. Wash It Dry is, perhaps, the most ambitious track of the album. There are two distinct sections musically. There is a nice surprise, hopefully, for those who get into the second half. I wonder if you can pick it.

all the best

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Great song, good production.

Nice one.

Good Job Jonathan.

Thank you both, much appreciated.

Nice. I admit I wasn’t sure what the surprise was. But I got the album downloaded!

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Many thanks, Leon. The fantastic support you give to me and so many others here is truly magnificent.

I think the surprise was supposed to be the kind of flute I played. It’s a bamboo transverse flute which I bought when I was a uni student. I’ve played it very casually on and off and aways loved the tone. It has a limited use from a scale/key point of view but really worked here (in my opinion). Anyhow, I hope people enjoy it.

All the best

OK, I did love the bamboo flute! Works so well on this recording. Congratulations on finishing a major album. It’s a real accomplishment.

Thank you again.

Interesting effect on the vocal, love the sad feel in the opening vocals, good change at 2mins…at 5min 30 secs it’s getting a bit drifty, needs a change…flute is reminiscent of the Moody Blues in the 70’s. a good piece but a lttle too long IMHumbleO…

Thanks for listening Kevin. Fair thoughts, too.


Nice job on this. It’s an ambitious track and production. I think doubling your voice was effective here, and the vocal chorus worked well. Rather than the Moodies, I hear a bit of the Strawbs in your work and in your singing. Did you ever listen to them?

Thank you Swetch, Although I have heard of the Strawbs, they were never big downunder so Ican;t say I ever heard any of their songs. I am a fan of the Moodies and I get where that thought came from but I must say the flute is not a mimic of anyone. I’ve been playing it since I was 9 – over 50 years ago – I have my own voice, I think.