Waste of money

It’s taken 2 years and the Cubase 13 was a complete waste of money. You would think that something that took 2 years to release would be free from bugs, but no. I used to be able to adjust the pre with the mouse wheel but now you have to drag it and suddenly the volume shoots up violently and could easily blow the speakers. I only wanted one thing to be implemented and that was to be able to re-order the mix channels, We long time users have been asking for this for years and Steinberg steadfastly refuses to implement it. I don’t need more FX or instruments, I already have shedloads of 3rd party instruments and FX. The only thing that I have found useful in this update is the mono/stereo button on each channel. This update is obviously aimed at attracting new users and not long time users. Studio 1 is leaving Cubase behind and they need to realize that. If the re-order of mixer channels is not implemented in the next update I will be migrating over to Studio 1 as they seem to listen to their customers.


Sorry, this is really naive.

No, you don’t. Learn the new features before complaining, please. Preferences > Editign > Project & MixConsole > Scrolling: Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter change. Users were asking for this feature, and the option is enabled by default. Disable the option, if you want to use the scroll wheel to change the parameter value.

I’m sorry, Steinberg didn’t satisfy you with the only features, you were asking for. Use the MixConsole Zones, please. Yo can also use up to 4 MixConsoles to arrange the Channels as you need.

There are other users, whose are asking for them.


Wow , that’s a pretty heavy statement just because of one function your willing to throw away a complete DAW

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For your information I already use all 4 mixing desks, People have been asking for years for the re-ordering and deleting tracks in the mixer window and it’s always been ignored even though you can do it in most other Daws, and as for leaving because of 1 function, it’s not just one function but it a major gripe, and as for dumping 1 daw yes I am prepared to dump it because I already have a very good knowledge of Studio 1 so for me the transition would be seamless.

Oh yeah, who ?, nobody I know want’s them. Like I said before, if you are a new daw user and you don’t own any plugins then it’s very useful but every professional I know has a shed load of plugins already.

I’ve been using Cubase since Version 10 and I can’t say I agree. The new features were all worth a $99 upgrade fee, specifically the MIDI upgrades and Mono/Stereo button and new compressors and EQs. Yeah I have a boatload of VSTs too but these were particularly useful because they are ones that other vendors are selling for a lot and I haven’t gotten around to purchasing.

I’ve also been a software engineer for almost 15 years and I think your expectations about bugs are pretty unrealistic. Testing costs money and takes time and nobody does it better than actual users so unless you want to wait 3+ years for a new release and have even fewer new features, you have to accept some small bugs here and there and take solace in the fact that they do updates and patches fairly frequently.

I do think that some of the stuff they release could have been in Cubase literally 30 years ago and I feel like they sit on certain upgrades just to have something to release but it’s not like any of theme are necessary to produce good music or audio; the core features haven’t changed significantly since the late '90s and neither have the principles of digital audio engineering.


Well, I thought to moving to Studio 1 ages ago, but two things have put me off,
1)It was so vary alien to me, I realised I had a shedloads work to do, and I don’t have time for this and

2)I visited the forum for Studio 1 and there was (as here) an endless list of problems too…

And I for one and hugely grateful for the stock plugins…

Each to their own though…