Watch Folder Batch processing and existing XML file pass-through

Hopefully someone can help me with this… My use case is I am using a Watch Folder to batch process a large number of files supplied by another application. Each audio file is delivered by this application with a corresponding XML file and the tricky part is (1) the XML should pass through to the batch destination unchanged, and (2) the XML file must arrive AFTER the audio file is delivered to the destination directory. Wavelab doesn’t need to generate or interact with the XML file - just needs to pass it through unchanged after the audio file. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out but WL seems to always place the XML file in the error folder. I’ve previously used the old dBpoweramp-based app Audio Conversion Engine which had a a great pass-though feature that delayed the XML delivery till the file was processed. Is Wavelab capable of doing this? Any assistance much appreciated!

Yes and no…

What you can’t do, is move both an XML file and an audio file in the watch folder. The watch folder can be instructed to deal with audio files directly or XML files. But not both at the same time in the same watch folder.

But what you can do, is to move the XML file alone in the watch folder… provided it contains the location of the audio file to process. Now, there are multiple options involved for this advanced feature, and rather than repeating the manual here, please check it first and experiment.

Your use case is very similar to why XML support was added to Watch Folders.

Thanks for the swift reply PG - I’ll try that. Hopefully it can deliver the XML unchanged after the processing. I was trying to implement an XML transform that didn’t alter the original XML but clearly I didn’t know what I was doing. I also tried an “Run External Tool” batch process to copy the XML but no luck with either. I’ll dig back into the manual and have a go. Thanks!

Awesome - the XML is defining a path and file name and the batch runs - the trick was changing “file types to process” to “XML descriptors”. Once the batch runs however the XML moves to the “Sources” folder rather than to the output path I set in the batch. How can I make the XML move to the correct destination?

There is no built-in function for this.
Maybe you can create an “XSLT transform” to process the XML file to another file because the new XML file will be written to the output folder.
But I ignore all about XSLT but if you can find a way to “process without transforming”, you could have an easy solution.