Watch folder problem

I can’t seam to open the watch folder options (Batch processing), where one can choose the fx chain to be processed by that folder and the different output formats.

The respective window never opens. I tried to follow the steinberg instructions video, and consulted the manual.
But that window never opens. It just starts to make the folder, I never can choose any options for the processing, nor can I employ any format conversions. The only thing I can make working is the preset of converting to mp3 and the like. But I can’t edit anything therein. And if making a virginly new watcholder without using preset, hoping that the missed window will open, it just jumps to creating the watchfolder without anything being processed (because I could choose anything).
I currently have a song opened in Wavelab 9.0.25, else I couldn’t make a watchfolder at all…I tried it.

What did I possibly do wrong? Please help…

To add: when I have the batch processing window open while creating the watch folder - but it’s completely empty and stays that way through the whole process, like there is no file being established. In the Steinberg video it shows a window with fx chain abilities and output formats. Well - I never see that open in WL9 on my Computer.

But that window never opens

You mean, you wan’t open the window where you can select plugins?

What happens when you select this?..