Watch Folders - "Conflict" error

Hello friends!
I am creating a watch folder and I want it to ouput from 3 different batch processors.

However, I can´t add a third batch processor because when pressing “Activate” Wavelab pops this error:

“Conflict - the watch folder is configured to produce files with the same name and at the same location”

I have setup the output folder on each batch processor to a different path, so this error doesn´t make any sense. Also I tried removing one batch processor from the watch folder and leaving the other two. Everything works fine this way. No matter which 2 batch processors are left in the watch folder.

Is 2 the max number of batch processors that you can load into a watch folder?

You can use more than 2 batch processors per watch folder.
I think there must be a configuration error on your side. I just tried it with success.
You get this error message if 2 batch processors, among the 3, will attempt to write a same output file. The error message should give you a hint about this conflict.