Watch out Steiny! Lower prices from Apple?

Aloha guys,

I have started reading about the possible release of a new
version of ‘Logic’ that like the new ‘Final Cut’, may have

1-a reduced feature set,
2-be sold only in the App Store and
( here’s the big one )
3-will have a substantially lower price.

If this happens will all other DAW makers (Steiny included)
have to follow?

I say this because I remember when all major DAWs
cost around $1000.00 give or take.
(pro-tools being the exception)

But then Apple released ‘Logic’ at $500.00 and now all major DAWs
sell for about that same price.

Let’s say the new Logic comes in at $399.00 or even $299.00.
How many users will jump ship?

Is there a pattern here; a race to the bottom,
and if so how might it affect us Cubase users?

Artistically, finacially, morally?


Remember you have to add the price of a mac dongle into the equation :laughing:

Apple’s release of Final Cut Pro X signaled Apple’s shift towards the “prosumer” market. If Logic follows suit, the same thing will happen with their user base that is presently occurring with the Final Cut Pro(7) video editing crowd: they’ll stick with the last version or move on to competitive products that support professional audio production.

And so what? If they turn Logic into Garage Band Pro for $299, Steinberg’s already covered with a pair of lite versions: Artist and Elements for $249/$99 respectively. The way I see it is if Apple does to Logic what they did to FCP, it will only mean good news for Steinberg.

Not sure of the point but Logic is only $199 right now.

Maybe you’re confusing “Logic Studio” (a bundle of a bunch of apps and content) with “Logic Express” (Logic Pro without the other applications). Logic Express is $199. AFAIK, both versions of Logic are the same software. You just get a few more plugs and instruments in the “Logic Studio” bundle… along with other things like CD Burning.

Logic is easily (already) the least expensive “major” DAW on the market… if you exclude Reaper.

Anyway, AFAIK… there is no light version of Logic other than Garageband.

AFAIK, both versions of Logic are the same software.

Just about. What Logic Studio has that Express doesn’t, in the app itself:

Surround sound mixing (up to 7.1).
Allows sharing of processing power between networked computers.
Support for TDM compatible Avid hardware (Mac OS X v10.5.x only).

Other than that, yes, the two apps are just about the same. As AC stated, it’s the package content that bumps the price up on Studio.

Yes Logic Studio at $499.00

Let’s say their $499.00 app becomes $299.00
(all other ‘lighter’ versions prices will be reduced accordingly)

How will Steiny (and all other DAW makers) compete with that?

Will we be able to buy Cubase/Steinberg
products at the Mac App Store?

So many questions.

AFAIC, I have everything I want in Cubase AI 5 and SX 2.
Anything I don’t have with those two Steinberg products, I have in Logic Express and Ableton Live 8. :laughing:

There was a significant drop in price with the first version of Logic after Apple bought it.
It was almost blatant how they tried to scoop the potential buyers of music software into their own fold by making Logic a mac only prog and then lowering the price by 200 usd.

Steinberg followed by lowering prices but not in the scale that Apple did with Logic.

I want my Cubase as cheap as possible, but I think there is a limit that is close to being reached here.
If we want top of the line new features, bug fixing etc it will cost money.
Apple is probably paying money out of their own pockets to keep Logic cheap and thus steal customers from the pc market and also from other competing mac only products.
I think that doing business like that is unfair. I have never owned any apple/mac product and after the emagic logic buy by Apple I definitively know that Apple will never lay their hands on even one of my hard earned dollars

Kim :nerd:

Exactly. For the vast majority of people who don’t do any of that anyway (which in the general DAW world is probably 95%), same app. $199.

Substitute Dollars for Pounds and +1

I still have yet to figure out why (not to mention how) Spectrasonics offered up their Trilian upgrade for free (99 USD value) to Mac users while PC users had to pay, I mean, what was that all about?. That, to me, was really unfair to PC users.

As this thread is about pricing,
perhaps there is a point to be made…


Actually, I think I do understand… it’s about consumer confidence in a quality product - in combination with great customer service. Some companies set trends (Apple/Emu offering Garage Band as a free part of the basic Mac/OSX package) vs followers of successful trends (um, …e.g., Sequel).

Either lead, follow, or get out of the way. >

Geez, that clip gets a lot of mileage. Here’s the take on FCPX:

Wait. Reaper anyone?

I remember the Trilogy pricing and as a pc user who never has touched a MAC I had no problem with it. It was just a gesture from Spectrasonics for Mac Trilogy users being out in the cold for so long. Spectrasonics has set such a high standard for quality updates and free bonuses I can’t see how anyone can complain about this. The proof is really with the users, no exodus of PC folks over a $99 update that was more of a revolution going from Trilogy to Trilian…

Also comparing Apple, the hardware and software maker offering Garageband to Steiny ;just a software maker; is not clear to me. Only that you’re right about setting trends in that Apple continued its trend of ripping ideas from others (Garageband is a repackaged Acid) and patting themselves on the back.

Does lead or get out of the way make any sense outside or a military formation? Isn’t there room for many different daw approaches from many software makers?

Hi Mr M

I don’t ever recall being ‘left out in the cold’ by Spectrasonics as a Mac user.

I think Spectrasonics’ business model plays a large role in creating the confidence that their customers have in them. While they haven’t done so as yet, I can’t recall Spectrasonics ever moving to ‘drop support’ and no longer extend customer support for any of their products like Steiny has. I can’t cite the technological considerations for dropping support of out-moded software, but, to summarily close the door to customers will also make customers look elsewhere for reciprocating/mutual loyalty. I would imagine that given a choice between a company which values the loyalty it shows its customers vs. a company that has set a precedence of ‘dropping support’ will effect customer confidence in the company with whom they choose to do business.

I hadn’t known Garage Band was a ‘repackaged Acid’ - just as much as I don’t know if Apple is patting themselves on the back… are they? I heard Apple purchased Emu and developed its sequencer software to become ‘repackaged’ as Logic. The situation is not entirely different by Yamaha’s acquisition of Steinberg, and perhaps, altering the way they must comply to do business in an ever morphing high tech world. Spectrasonics independently, (IMO) has set a standard in ‘leading’ customer support, and Apple has also taken a strong lead to securing its market, whereas, Steinberg with certain products, has chosen to ‘follow’ AND even ‘get out of the way’ by dropping support for certain products - but perhaps their relationship with YAMAHA as a leader in the industry makes it feasible. It’s not a militaristic approach or a ding at all - it’s just another business approach. btw, I’ll use both platforms on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Just a few quick thoughts. Steiny has been around twice as long as Spectrasonics, makes or has made more than 4 times as many products, these products have been software and co-branded hardware (not computers like Apple). Again to compare Steiny to Spectrasonics is not balanced to me.

Main thing is at this point, what Steinberg products,no longer supported, are making you upset? Be specific. Also don’t you think if Spectrasonics is around for 15 more yeard they’ll wind up with product no longer supported.

If you don’t agree,then name a software company that has been around since 1980 that supports every product ever made.

This is meaningless to those of us who will never buy an Apple product. I refuse to live my computer life through a single controlled appstore funnel. For a company that is supposedly so superior in software interface design, why is iTunes such a retro 80s piece of poop?

lol, I’m not upset… but, I think it’s somewhat ironic that I received with my purchase of a Yamaha product a free copy of AI5… which in turn allowed me access to this forum because as a user of SX2, a Steinberg product, support (by the support from access from this forum) was dropped. I still use SX 2, although not as my principal sequencer of choice, and I don’t use Halion 2, or Groove Agent no longer, not saying that I won’t ever again.

What Steinberg and Spectrasonics do have in common is customer service, and, IMO can both be held accountable on that basis, regardless of how long either have been in business. As long as my computer is operating either company’s software in my creative process, I need to know that I’ll be able to get answers from whoever I purchased the goods from, should things go awry.