Water E.P. relaxation music


I’m about to finish my 3d itunes EP completely made with cubase and vst(i)'s.

I’d think I got the final mix about right. I’m also using waves stuff like NLS and the taperecorder simulator, just to “simulate” a bit of summing.

The tracks are a mix of new age, electronic and relaxation music. I’d like to release this on september 1st. 2 tracks are still in the works and needed to be added to the set.


Well done! Listened to the whole thing. It sounds great. Good, well organized compositions. I really enjoyed it.

Some cool ideas in there, well done!

Yes, pretty relaxing! :slight_smile:

There’s some tracks I need to re-export with a few improvements. I put these out before the weekend so I could listen myself and it’s like 95% done.

thanks for the feedback so far.

That’s a super track…really moody then powerful end part…liked it a lot…Kevin

Great track very warm sounding and love the samples are they EastWest?

it’s all kind of stuff, eastwest, omnisphere, virus ti, all kinds of plugins like realguitar, sample cd’s like metamorphosis.

Cool, I really like it. Wouldn’t look odd on my mp3-player :wink:
You got some clever arps going on!

I have a couple of those the eastwest composer and Omnisphere…always wanted to get realquitar but, I figured I wouldn’t use it that much. Really well put together it was great from beginning to end…Thanks for sharing