Water (...with a YouTube video)

A track featuring my “Three Graces”.

  1. 1964 Yairi classical, a gift from my father on my 14th birthday, and
    the guitar on which I learned to play.

  2. Maton Jumbo acoustic, which I bought with money bequeathed to me by my father
    when he died a few years ago.

  3. Bondo Gedsercaster by Jakob Shultz, made of deck wood from the Gedser Rev light vessel on
    which my maternal great-grandfather was the ship’s carpenter 1895-1915. Lindy Fralin P90 pickup used here.

Rendered to ATR tape on my Otari MX5050 BIII-2 at 15 ips, no noise reduction.

Cheers all!


First and foremost, lovely composition, performance, and recording. I continue to like what I’m hearing from you.
Thought at the start of the video that you were playing “upside down” Lefty (a la Albert King), but soon realized that was your cinematographic choice as to how to show the 3 axes. By the way, I am a “rightside up” Lefty (a la Paul McCartney). Definitely thought the Gedsercaster was a very interesting looking guitar (and it sounded great!).

very nice music,the recording is excellent ,you must have polished those two acoustic guitars for the vid ,mine accumulate so much dust on the headstocks and all kinds of dribbles on the body ,concentration or age i dunno , ha ha ,it`s embarasing realy ,actualy i could never video mine without a right good scrub up, well done .

Hi Jet, great video to see all your guitars! You may have as many as I do. Or maybe not! On this recording, the guitars all sound great. I want to comment on the drums. I am trying to think of what to say, but maybe you should just get Joe, then I can criticize your mix. Otherwise, it doesn’t have a natural sound. Love the views of the Gedsercaster!

yes i have to agree with Leon the Gedsercaster looks the business .if your not careful that look may catch on.


thanks for the listen, and am happy you like the tune.
I am challenged enough by guitars when they are orthodox
let alone when they are not, Big ups to you!


funny isn’t it, coz I don’t think I give my guitars enough TLC.
Keep 'em in their cases for sure, but could rag them more
often. Humidity is the killer here, and the Yairi is as “wet” as you can
get. Sadly, it is basically unplayable above the 7th fret, and
I don’t even try to chord it these days. Tuned down to D to help, but
even so, it’s a real bender. A pity.
As to the Gedsercaster, yep, it’s certainly unique.
You won’t find one like that in your local guitar store!
“Distressed” is the new Impressed!


happy you think the guitars are ok. I think I have around 10 of the buggers,
plus a ukelele. They fill every nook and cranny of my apartment here.
The drums are as they are, and maybe one day they will be different,
but meantime I hope they don’t actually detract from the recording.
The Gedsercaster is a masterpiece.

I have a Japanese classical from somewhere in the 70’s. and I don’t remember the label because I never play it. It’s under the pile of all the other guitars! Anyway, when it comes to the acoustics, including that Australian one that I never heard of, are you recording in stereo? Or in mono and positioning it as you wish?

Hi again Leon,

Maton is Australia’s oldest guitar maker, and, in a serendipitous twist of fate,
my son Taylor now works for them! The quality of their instruments is second to none.
You should check one out if and when you can. End of endorsement! :slight_smile:


On this recording, both acoustics were recorded in mono using an SM57.
I didn’t bother too much with mic positioning, mostly just point and play.

Well now I have to ask. The first appearance in the video of both acoustics is reversed, like Jimi Hendrix. That is, not left-handed, but turned upside down. Later appearances are right-handed. Which way do you play them? I think they sound good, so I was a little surprised when you said that the mic was an SM57. Maybe you want to comment on that. All advice on the internet says the mic has to be a small diaphragm condenser. Yet, I have no complaints about their sound. I’m going to look further into Maton. At some point I ought to be able to justify a new acoustic. How cool for Taylor! Did you name him after the guitar brand? Even cooler!

No, Taylor was named long before I ever heard of a guitar of that make. After getting his luthier’s credential, Taylor applied for work with Maton and was accepted at once. His duties change from time to time and at the moment he is doing body prep for their acoustics.

With the Yairi and Maton, I had completed the drums for their respective parts and was impatient to see how the guitars would sound over them, so I grabbed the 57 coz it is always on the floor beside me and put it up on the studio workbench and simply pointed it at each guitar. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound I got, and so my guitar demo born of impatience became the final recording. I have a handful of condenser mics, but couldn’t see any point in replaying the parts once I heard what the 57 had captured. So, there ya go.

Later P.S.: as to the video perspectives, I never even thought about it.
I guess you could say the first two shots are sort of player’s perspective.
Later, it becomes audience perspective. But that wasn’t my intention.
I was simply looking for contrast and variety in the footage.
I’m a righty. :wink:

Sounds great Tad!