Watermark opacity?

Just wondering if there’s a way yet to change the watermark on the PDF export.

Currently it’s not a watermark, but more like a Sharpie. :wink: It’s not really usable as it is currently.

I’m fine with the default placement, but I’d like to be able to change opacity to somewhere around 8%. I’m thinking this isn’t currently possible; I remember seeing it mentioned back in version 1, but wasn’t sure if I was missing something, or just a setting I needed to change.

Here’s an example of a watermark with an opacity of 8%, which is want I’m wanting:

You might be best served using a third-party utility to add the watermark to the PDF after the fact.

That’s what I’ve always done to this point. Just wondered if Dorico was able to replace it yet.

I’ve made a note for us to expose this as an editable parameter in the future.

Update: I just discovered the reduced watermark opacity in 2.1 now looks great! Seems to be around 12% or so. I’m fine with this default setting. Thank you!!