Hi everyone - I am trying to add a Watermark to some scores but the Watermark box is greyed out. I read in another thread that I need to choose colour rather than black and white but that hasn’t solved the problem. Do I need to choose any other particular settings?
Many thanks

Welcome to the forum, David. The edit control below the Watermark checkbox should become enabled when you activate the checkbox itself. Does that not happen for you?

Hi Daniel - sorry, I only just saw your reply - the Watermark option is now working, thanks very much.

Hello @dspreadbury and @davidbanney,
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In general the watermarks in pdf files can be easily removed by using any advanced pdf editor like Foxit PDF Editor.
The better way to protect score sheets, especially in digital format, will be to have our own custom fonts, or glyph editor inside Dorico, that allow us to make custom changes to the music fonts. :slight_smile:

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I’m not following. Isn’t this precisely what the Music Symbols editor does?

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Actually not entirely. In the Music Symbols Editor one could just replace symbols, but not modify their appearance like in editors like FontForge, or Glyphr Studio… This is what I’m asking for.
The possibilities of Music Symbols Editor to be extended to allow us not just to preplace, but also to modify the appearance of the existing glyphs (in a non-destructive way for the original font) and save them as custom symbols.

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

That perhaps seems beyond the scope of what Dorico is intended for, just like how Microsoft word is not a font editor. It sounds like you need to perhaps design your own font (or take one you like and tweak it) in a font editor and just use that for your scores.

It’s certainly true that watermarks can be circumvented in pdf files if the person is determined enough, although this is not true for image files (jpeg), which is why I use image files as previews on my website.


Hi @Romanos,
My request isn’t for full featured font/glyph editor, but for something that allows the modification of the most common symbols that appear in every score - clefs, time signature, key signature, accidentals, dynamics and note flags. Something not as advanced as Font Editor, but powerful enough to modify the most common symbols. :slight_smile:

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Being able to modify any individual symbol in a glyph would require us to implement a means of reducing a font character to its path, allow you to edit that path, and then use that path as a symbol thereafter. I think it’s safe to say this is not something we will implement any time soon, if ever.