WAV Displays In Sync But Audio Out of Sync

I recorded 3 tracks during the same guitar run (3 mics). I used Cubase 9.5’s template (16 Mono 8 Stereo 16 MIDI 8 Groups + FX). I pulled from another project some inserts and sends by copying them, switching between the two projects using the the Activate Project button. When I go to the 3 guitar tracks and bypass all inserts and sends for each track and anything else in the stereo out bus (to export original dry recordings to send to a collaborator), one track plays out of sync although the WAV displays in sync. About a 0.138 second gap. What am I doing wrong? The project is in the early stages and there is no automation or anything else that has been done to the template.

All tracks recorded 44.1, 24 bit… as well as project to same.
Behringer UMC404HD audio interface


If you were using 3 mics, there is natural delay among the mics.

Figured it out. I did not know there was a difference between having an insert activated vs bypassed. I had bypassed the inserts. The track giving me problems had a “Clone” insert and, even in bypass was still in the signal for exporting. You have to deactivate to insert altogether.