Wav export with tempo track- LE 4

So I am having a problem exporting my songs while the ‘tempo’ marker on the transport bar is in use. I am recording some songs for a friends band and there are varous tempo changes mid song, so I used the tempo track to change the click BPM mid song so the tracks can line up and still have accurate click. When I export I get a soundless wav. file in itunes. I have my markers set correctly and have tried selecting all tracks. I tried exporting without the tempo track and it works but the tracks are shifted within the project (randomly overlap). Is there anyway to export with tempo track on or will I have to rearrange everything?

Strange, it works well for me. :confused:


Check your settings of the tracks – Linear (grey button with icon of clock) or Musical (orange button with icon of note) Mode settings. Thi is one button, which you can switch.