WAV file issues....

Hi all… My first post to the forum. I’m working on my first Cubase 6 project.

Here’s the situation. I’m running Cubase 6 full version on a Win 7 PC. I got a guitar part from Garageband from my iPad 3. The file was uploaded to iTunes and converted to a WAV file format. I can hear the file on my desktop. After opening my Cubase project I dragged the WAV file into the Track view and I get a double waveform and by default the WAV file is in a audio track. I get meter activity but no sound. Where did I go wrong? Can anyone help?


Please consult your Cubase’s Quick Start Guide on how to:

  1. Selecting audio interface driver
  2. Setting up VST connections

Thanks for the reply,

My VST connections seem to be in order and my audio interface works fine. I’ll see if there’s a new update. I’m using m-audio’s Fast Track. Anyone else?

For a start, have you assigned the track to an output so that you see meter activity in the Mixer?

This is almost certainly going to be a routing problem and nothing whatever to do with Cubase.

I did say I have meter activity but I haven’t thought about routing.

I’ll be checking in on that later after some sleep. I’ll see if that works this afteroon


Ok, the routing on the WAV file in the Inspector is Stereo in Stereo out. I get meter activity in both track view and in mixer view. I even tried to mix down the WAV file in Cubase and changed the name. Nothing. I’m almost ready to give up. It seems Cubase can not handle WAV files in a project.

Thanks anyway.

Either that, or maybe you can not handle Cubase…

+1 :mrgreen:

The WAV file plays alright in Windows media player and it plays ok in FL Studio 10 in the playlist with other tracks. I’ve looked through the Steinberg forum knowledge base and found no references to this topic. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or something that will explain how to set up WAV file extensions? The manual says nothing about WAV files.


Stop looking for info on wav and Cubase. Wav IS the basic format for Cubase audio. Your problem is in routing the audio from the track it is in, to the sound card you are using. As others suggested, look into VST Connections and the Track Inspector, maybe check some basic setup tutorial videos.

Very helpful, explains a lot.


Ok, I got it to work. It had to do with my sound card and Asio.

Thanks everyone